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Tax Protester Exposes Federal Government Fraud
Ed Brown vows to "live free or die"

Infowars.net | January 25, 2007
Steve Watson & Alex jones

Alex Jones was joined on air yesterday ( MP3 ) by Ed Brown to discuss his ongoing case to fight charges of tax evasion. Mr Brown and his wife have not filed or paid federal income taxes since 1997, citing the fact that there is no law that stipulates American citizens have to pay income taxes. Prosecutors claim (based upon arbitrary figures provided by the IRS) that the couple "owes" $625,000 in taxes. A jury agreed in court on Thursday the 18th of January.

Mr Brown described the actions of the authorities against him over the past two years:

"We thought they'd be here ten years ago, they came in ten years later in November of 2004. They arrived with twenty-eight approximate personel. Twenty of them were CID, IRS, two US Marshals and one postal officer. They had up on the hill a sniper with three observers, two state troopers backing them up behind them and one state trooper across the street. Everybody was armed and everybody had body armour.

We were waiting for them to do this because we already knew there was no law for the tax, but we couldn't just go in there and sue them, it wouldn't work, the courts would just dismiss it."

The authorities entered his property, questioned Brown and downloaded information from his computer.

Following these actions, Brown filed a tort against four officials that were in charge of the operation he described. It was turned over to the United States district court who in turn transferred the case to the federal court. Mr Brown notified them that there was no federal jurisdiction involved in the case. Eventually the case was dismissed and six months later Brown says he was arrested and physically assaulted by police officers.

Brown was not served with an arrest warrant, was not given any counsel and was unlawfully dragged away and thrown into a holding cell. Brown was then hauled before a United States district Judge who proceeded to serve him with papers. The judge asked Brown how he pleaded, whilst Brown was still unaware of what it was he was being charged with.

After a court appointed attorney pleaded not guilty without any consultation with Mr Brown, he was then told that he could not be released unless he turned over the firearms he keeps at home. Brown relented and allowed the authorities to take the guns from his house, an opportunity they seized upon as an excuse to raid Brown's house and take anything they could find.

Mr. Brown's wife, Elaine, was convicted Jan. 18 as well. Both are due to be sentenced April 24.

Mr. Brown had been in court with Mrs. Brown Jan. 9-11 but stopped attending on the grounds that the process seemed like a “kangaroo court” in which Judge McAuliffe obstructed him from bringing in the evidence and/or witnesses to argue his point that there is no law requiring payment of an unapportioned direct tax, such as the federal income tax, on the labor of American workers, including he and his wife.

As American Free Press has reported:

The judge's decision to disallow evidence and witnesses for the defendants—along with his notes to the jury that he would not allow Mr. Brown to try and persuade the jurors on the validity of his claims that there is no law requiring payment of income tax on labor—are examples cited by those in the national movement to pass ballot initiatives to reign in judicial corruption. These advocates say it is just such an apparent violation of due process that creates the need for these initiatives.

Mr Brown cited Aaron Russo's recent massive hit film, America: Freedom to Fascism , as an important expose that has focused a great deal more attention on his own case and the unlawful income tax system. The film has exploded back into the google video top 20 as a result of the media coverage of Brown's case. In recent developments Mr Brown agreed to let Fox news conduct an interview in his home on the proviso that the reporters sit down with him and watch the entirety of Russo's film.

Russo expertly exposes the traitorous Federal Reserve Act and the fact that there is no law that stipulates American citizens have to pay income taxes. The ratification of the 16th amendment, also known as the "Tax amendment", represents a fundamental undermining of Constitutional law in America. It is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated against the American people by the elite private banking institutions that have usurped government as an arm of their overall control mechanism.

Russo presents interviews with an impressive range of government officials, IRS special agents , FBI officers, Politicians and tax attorneys who have researched and subsequently campaigned against the Federal Reserve Act and thus reveals why the IRS is an illegal foundation.

The income tax does not meet either criteria of Constitutionally legal taxation in America, that is direct apportioned tax or indirect uniform tax. The IRS claims that the 16th Amendment allowed for a third form of taxation, however, the supreme court ruling on the amendment states that it allows for no new forms of taxation. More supreme court cases in the same period confirm the same conclusion. The 16th Amendment did not allow the Federal Government to levy a new tax, thus there is no Constitutional basis for the income tax. 

While the AP have described Ed Brown as being " holed up " and "barricaded" in his "compound" like some kind of dangerous extremist, he is in fact simply refusing to leave his house. Friends and well wishers have been gathering to support Mr Brown at his home in New Hampshire. He expects that federal agents will wait until the media coverage of his case has died down before attempting to forcibly enter his home to arrest him.

“Live free or die.” Brown told listeners as he declared he was a man of the creator and the slave of no man.

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