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Houston Police Attack Band

You Tube | October 17 2006


A great concert was cut short by a power-hungry Houston police officer. According to police he asked to have the music turned down, was attacked and then used his Taser gun in self-defense. This video clearly shows that is not the case.

Spent the better part of a day in jail because of this crazy cop and his B.S. story. I encourage all that were there to go to the station downtown and file a formal complaint! The officer should be responsible for the upright bass he forced me onto, breaking it in two. Lucky my camera didn't break when he slammed it to the ground (which ends the video clip)

Damn the show was good until the meathead walked in.

Though it should have been the officer and not me behind bars, let us not forget that one 'bad cop' doesn't mean they all are -- though there are certainly others. The male/female officers who drove Andrew and me downtown were pretty cool. One guard at the jail in particular had a number of inmates laughing at times and seemed to have a great solution for dealing with the out-of-control fool in cell 2 who flooded the place with toilet water.



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