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Porton Down human experiments

Infowars | March 2, 2006
By Gordon Bell

I am a Porton Down veteran who triggered the Wiltshire Police investigation into Porton Down's human experimental program on British servicemen that resulted in the reopening of an inquest into the death of one airman by
Sarin poisoning . The experiments conducted on me were of a completely different nature to that reported on recently in the media LSD being quite mundane in comparison.

Having attended Porton Down on three occassions in 1959 and 1960 I discover that two of my visits are unaccounted for and that only one partial "summary record" exists showing that I had attended in Aug 1960 (later verified by police as having being "re-written") To substitute for my missing records Porton officals began supplying me with Porton Technical Papers that supposedly report on various experiments conducted on me. I will list the PTPs sent to by number and title. There are others but these in particular are of major concern to me. I can state categorically that PTP 841 contains false and misleading information and has been altered suit.

(1) PTP 841 "The Effects Of Pyrexal on Man". Pyrexal is a lipopolysaccharide (LPS) that was derived from the Salmonella bacterium abortus equi. It is a bacterial endo-toxin and was, according to Porton Down, being tested as a possible incapacitant. In a tape recorded interview meeting I had recently with senior Porton Down personnel they described LPS
as being a "Riot Control agent". Which is of course utter nonsense. PTP 841 reports that LPS was both injected and inhaled and produced fever, headaches, high temperatures (as high as 104 degrees) and the inability to perform simple tasks such as ball picking. According to the re-written" summary record" 10 mls of blood was taken from me, presumably to measure white cell blood counts, something that is NOT reported on in PTP 841. The inhalation phase that they claim I was involved in produced no noticable effects and the experiment was abandonded as being quite ineffective as an incapacitating agent.


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The Pyrexal according to PTP 841 was imported from a Pharmacuitical Company named Wanders of Basle, Switzerland and involved 115 RAF servicemen over a lenghty period of some two years. (All with missing records including medical records.) A recent Freedom of Information request relating to the importation of LPS into the UK (Porton Down) shows that there are NO
details or records availablethat would attest to it's importation. Not reported on in 841 is the devasting "systemic" effects LPS exposure has on the immune system. (I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and a pre-cancerous skin condition not reported by police to the CPS.) LPS is obtained by bacterial cell manipulation I.E. stripping away the outer membrane of the cell wall known as Lipid A. LPS can be obtained from bacteria including typhoid. shigella, salmonella, e-coli, etc. In my case they say it was from Salmonella abortus equi. It is to be noted that LPS has one curious
feature to it, in that it does NOT trigger an immune response in the animal/human host. Some of the effects of LPS exposure are:- Fever, Changes in white cell blood counts, Tumor necroisis (TNF) Disseminated Intravascular coagulation, Shock, Lethality. There is every evidence to suggest that LPS was NOT an incapacitating experiment for "riot control" but a tool that was being developed for assassination purposes. I.E inducing heart attack/stroke. (I refer to Dr Ladell mention in "Spycatcher") Ladell the author of "Effects of Pyrexal in Man experimented on me and others in 1960 while Senior Scientific Officer engaged in biological experiments at Porton Down. He is now deceased.

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(2) PTP 781. "Pulmonary Resistance During and Following Exposure to CS GAS" consisting of 16 pages. A total of 66 RAF servicemen men were involved in this experiment. Although Porton openly admit to exposing me to CS Gas my records are supposedly missing for this experiment. The paper indicates that during the course of the exposure adrenaline injections were given to 10 airmen to keep them going. It is to be noted that CS Gas and it's effects were well known when it was first discovered in 1928 yet in 1959-60 it is being tested. Police advised me by letter that an "additive" had been added to the CS but will not divulge what it is made up of. This information was also refused me after I put forward a FOI request recently. In fact Police have refused ALL of my FOI requests relative to my case file one of 7 sent to the Crown Prosecution Service.

(3) PTP 109. "The Single breath Adminstation of Sarin" This PTP that was
given me by Police. They erased the authors name but I have since discovered
that it was one Dr. R.J. Shephard who now lives in Brackendale, British
Columbia. He was by-passed by Wiltshire police in their 3 million pounds
coverup operation. I have since corresponded with this individual by e-mail
and he has admitted being involved in experiments at Porton Down but denies
he was party to Sarin experiments. A call made to the the Chief Constable of
Wiltshire for this man to be interviewed with a view to possible charges of
being party to administering various nerve agents (including VX) to
servicemen without their consent was ignored.

(4) PTP 830. "Human Exposure to VX Vapour" UK US Eyes Only This was
recently sent to me from Porton Down. Authors names erased. But have
discovered that they were Drs R J Shephard. E.C.B. Bramwell. W S Ladell.
(Ladell mentioned in the book entitled "Spycatcher" by MI 5 renegade MI5
agent Peter Wright. This book that Margaret Thatcher tried to ban was
published in Australia where Peter Wright now lives.) in PTP 830 now
unclassified document is made up of approx 40 pages. It does not report on
the injection of VX that police un-officially told me (along with Sarin)
had taken place at Porton Down. I was subjected to injections of unknown
substances in the hospital ward at Porton Down in 1960.



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