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3 Halliburton protesters face felony charges

KHOU 11 News | May 19, 2005
By Amy Tortolani

At least two protesters arrested at Wednesday's protest in downtown Houston remain in jail.

And that confrontation has resulted in felony charges for some of the demonstrators.

It was anything but a peaceful demonstration Wednesday as protesters and HPD clashed. It happened outside the hotel where Halliburton was holding its annual shareholders meeting.

HPD arrested 17 people including a man who was videotaping the protest and a teen seen swinging at an officer and his horse.

"It turns out those three people actually hit or kicked police officers," says Kari Allen, Harris County assistant district attorney. "And it is important that everybody realizes that you cannot use physical violence against police officers."

Eight others are facing criminal trespassing charges. Six were issued criminal citations.

Global Awareness, the group that organized the protest, claims no one saw a protester assault an officer. "As far as I could tell in my view," says Scott Parkin, Global Awareness protester. "It looked like ... it was either accidental or like the police acting aggressively and people's bodies flailing about."

The two sides will face off in court on Friday.

Prosecutors say if the three facing felony charges are convicted of those charges, they could face anything from probation up to 10 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.

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