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BS Alert: White Powder Fear Tactics, Again

at-Largely | January 12, 2007 

Today at 5:00 PM EST a massive protest was scheduled to take place at the Florida, Broward County courthouse. I know because I was supposed to be there, but was running late.

The area, however, has suddenly been evacuated and cornered off as news of "white powder inside the court house" has been announced. Forget tear gas, white powder is so much easier. How truly convenient for the Broward sheriff's office that such a stash of threatening powder was found. It will be declared harmless just as soon as the protesters go home.

To the protesters: Stay, stay all night and through tomorrow. Stay and wait for the court house to become "safe again," it will have to re-open eventually.

Update: I am getting this information from local news. The protest was sponsored by MoveOn.


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