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New Radiation Detectors at South Texas border CBP Checkpoints

Infowars.com | June 10, 2005

From a listener:

The Homeland Security CBP people at the Brownsville, Tx. Mexican border are currently installing what I was told (by a CBP officer at checkpoint) as being 'Radiation Dectectors' to detect radioactive materials or dirty bombs, etc. just before the vehicle pulls up to the CBP inspector.

These new devices are the tall white panels with a yellow steel frame...basically they're tall rectangles (about 8 ft. tall, and there is one pair of approx. 15 ft. tall detectors for the bus lane on the far right)that come in pairs so that vehicles pass in between the pair of devices.

I've attached a picture of these that was taken at the border checkpoint (going from Mexico into the US) last Saturday (June 4th, 2005). The picture was taken
from far away to avoid harrassment from the CBP.


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