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When Vladimir Bukovsky Speaks, Those Who Love Liberty Should Listen

JBS | June 29, 2007
John F. McManus

FLASHBACK: Former Soviet Dissident Warns Of EU Socialist Dictatorship

After years of imprisonment in the former Soviet Union, Bukovsky found himself expelled to the West in 1976. He has become a severe critic of Soviet rule. But he now views the European Union as a virtual copy of Soviet-style tyranny and urges that it be destroyed before it becomes a full-fledged tyranny.

Invited to Brussels from his adopted home in England, Vladimir Bukovsky minced few worlds in warning about the parallels he sees between the old Soviet Union and the new European Union. The text of his anti-EU speech, delivered in Brussels before a gathering of England's United Kingdom Independence Party, of which he is a patron, has been circulated by EU opponent Paul Belien.

Stating that the accumulation of EU power "reminds me of the Supreme Soviet," Bukovsky said the development resulted from a "conspiracy." He based his opinion on his good fortune in 1992 of being able to read older Politburo and Central Committee secret documents from the era when the Communist Party still controlled the USSR.

The outspoken Soviet dissident pointed specifically to what happened when a delegation of top-level "Trilateral Commission" members visited Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow in January 1989. The group included Japan's Yasuhiro Nakasone, France's Valery Giscard d'Estaing, and David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger from the United States. These world-class power brokers told Gorbachev that he must take his country "into the financial institutions of the world, such as GATT, the IMF and the World Bank." The dutiful Gorbachev, surely aware of the clout possessed by the men instructing him, proceeded to unravel the decades-old terrorist empire controlled by Moscow.

Even more, according to Bukovsky's gleaning of what occurred during this extraordinary meeting from the USSR's documents, Giscard d'Estaing bluntly told Gorbachev that Europe would soon become a single "federal state" and that he must allow "the other Eastern European countries to interact with it." These countries, at the time, were part of the Soviet empire. And the EU, not yet entangled by the 1992 Maastricht treaty, was still masquerading as a mere trade arrangement.

Gorbachev had already written his 1987 book Perestroika in which he envisioned a "common European home from the Atlantic to the Urals." He was obviously already on board the plan to terminate Soviet control of its Eastern European satellite nations. When he visited England in 2000, Gorbachev referred to the European Union as "the new European Soviet." (The Russian meaning for "soviet," and the near-certain meaning intended by Gorbachev, is a smaller governing body subservient to a supreme governing body, a supreme soviet.)

Christopher Story, the publisher of the London-based Soviet Analyst, stated after the Gorbachev visit that the European Union is "purely a Communist program." He added that Gorbachev's comments simply confirmed his own view and that "one does not need an advanced degree in Leninist studies to see this."

Bukovsky likened the EU's 80,000 pages of regulations to the USSR's huge Gosplan that planned everything as much as five years ahead. "Exactly the same thing is happening in the EU," he insisted and he pointed to "soviet type of corruption" as another similarity between the Communist government he detested and the EU he now strongly opposes.

Greatly fearing the potential of the EU's Europol to become the equivalent of a KGB, he called for the entire EU to be dissolved before it gains totalitarian powers. He worries greatly about Europol's diplomatic immunity and asked, "Can you imagine a KGB with diplomatic immunity?" He is especially concerned that charges of "racism" and "xenophobia," two undefined crimes already listed by Europol, will be used to silence and even punish opponents of "uncontrolled immigration from the Third World" and "further European integration."

Closing his remarks, Bukovsky stated, "This is why, and I am very frank about it, the sooner we finish with the EU the better. The sooner it collapses the less damage it will have done to us and to other countries. But we have to be quick because the Eurocrats are moving very fast."

Other voices are rising within the EU among nationalists who now see that their countries are almost completely dominated by EU headquarters in Brussels. Bukovsky's well-reasoned concerns will help to increase their number so that the day may soon come when this "new European Soviet" will implode as did the old "Soviet Union."


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