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Okaloosa County Students Offered Rewards For Tips

Associated Press | October 9, 2006

NICEVILLE, FL (AP) -- Students in Okaloosa County can earn up to $500 for telling police who keyed cars, who's got drugs and other crime information.

Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers has partnered with the Okaloosa County School District to offer students a way to anonymously "snitch" about criminal activity in their schools and neighborhoods.

Students Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards to those who provide lawmen with tips that lead to arrests and school disciplinary action. And it's all anonymous.

The reward for giving information on a student who's hiding cigarettes in his locker: 50 bucks. A tip that someone brought a weapon to school: 500 dollars.

The program has been in place for three years now, but the school district is putting up posters and handing out brochures to get students more involved.

Associated Press


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