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Secret Service in Manhattan (Warning - Brief Profanity)

Google Video | September 22 2006

The Secret Service were swarming the block that I work on today. so i pulled out my camcorder and started filming. You can see the look on the face of the Gentleman on the right while I first pan the camera.he stopped me and told me not to film. I told him i had every right to film. this is a free country and the constitution says i can do just that.

I was then called a fat f**k by another one. Being out there alone,I decided not to encourage them any further. We cant be pushed around by those whose paychecks come from our tax dollars.i dont think all of them were US secret service. Many of them had blue and red pins with sheriff type stars on them. And others sported foreign flag pins. A similar situation happened with Alex Jones during the 9/11 Breakthrough weekend @ Madison Square Garden.



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