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Leahy Barking Up the Decidership Tree

Kurt Nimmo | August 21, 2007

Senator Patrick Leahy is apparently unable to process reality, as he believes Congress actually retains a modicum of power in the District of Criminals. “Leahy returned to Washington from vacation Monday to urge the White House to respond to his committee's subpoenas seeking information about [the neocon NSA snoop program]. He said he is disappointed that the administration did not make the deadline but he is open to negotiations,” reports the Chicago Tribune . In other words, Mr. Leahy may as well whistle in the wind, as the neocons, proponents of an unanswerable decidership—along the lines of Nazi jurist Carl Schmitt's Die Diktatur—plan to ignore all subpoenas as they work their way toward their own Article 48 provision (the German constitution contained this provision, allowing Hitler to declare state of emergency and presidential rule by executive order).

“I prefer cooperation to contempt,” said Leahy. “I'll have no hesitation voting for contempt, if that's what it takes. But ultimately, what we have to find out is what happened here. We can carry out a court battle for the next five or six years, or we can find out what happened.”

It should be obvious, even to Leahy, “what happened”—the neocons are well along in transforming a former constitutional republic into a dictatorship, albeit in its current form sans brown shirts and shock troops marching on cobblestone with hobnailed boots. The NSA snoop program is but one aspect of the neocon dictatorship. The so-called National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive , roundly ignored by the corporate media, is as sincerely portentous, allowing die Führer Bush to declare a “Catastrophic Emergency” in the same fashion Roman dictators declared justitium and the Nazis implemented Article 48, resulting in Gleichschaltung, a system of totalitarian control.

It is interesting Leahy characterizes the office of Dick Cheney, where the neocon infestation began, as “some kind of fourth branch of government,” according to the New York Times . Old habits and perceptions, one can only assume, die hard, as the neocon decidership is in actuality the only branch of government. One can almost hear the words of Joseph Goebbels after Hitler imposed the Enabling Act: “The authority of the Führer has now been wholly established. Votes are no longer taken. The Führer decides. All this is going much faster than we had dared to hope.”

Of course, it is not going fast enough for the neocons, who have an ambitious agenda—murderous hegemony abroad, especially in the Muslim Middle East, and dictatorship at home, the latter with an effective control grid designed to ferret out opponents of the former. One need only listen to the rallying cry of the Machiavellian and “universal” fascist Michael Ledeen , who often declares: “Faster, Please,” especially when it comes to mass murdering Arabs and Muslims.

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