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State-sponsored massacres outpace 'terrorism'

The Truth Will Set You Free | November 10, 2006

Sri Lanka just killed scores of its own civilians in the name of 'national security.'

What is it with these psychos? I can barely keep up with this madness.

From Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Pakistan, to Gaza and Sri Lanka - state run militaries kill more civilians in a few months than any band of terrorists can dream of killing in a dozen years!

The camp was hit by the army in a heavy exchange of fire with the Tamil Tigers in rebel-held territory. The rebels say at least 45 civilians were killed on the spot - three more died later of their injuries.

Government defence spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella told the AFP news agency that the military had targeted two Tamil Tiger artillery positions in Wednesday's attack, but conceded a civilian centre had also been hit.

"While we regret this whole episode, we also must say that national security is uppermost in our minds," he told reporters.

And, without exception, they all offer the same pathetic excuse for their atrocities - 'national security'.

Mr Rambukwella said the government would investigate the incident, but said the army was responding to an earlier Tamil Tiger attack and accused the rebels of using civilians as human shields.

Another typical, twisted excuse from a fascist government gone mad with power.

He warned that the number of casualties may rise, and accused the rebels of firing mortar and artillery rounds at government positions for more than a week.

International truce monitors who have visited the scene described total panic as tens of thousands of people try to leave the area.

Two hospitals have received more than 100 casualties, including at least 17 children.

"There were a lot of explosions, so many people dead and wounded," 29-year-old survivor Palachchenai Kadiraveli told the Reuters news agency.

"A lot of children died... there are thousands of people trying to leave."

The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) estimates that about 35,000 people have been displaced by fighting which flared further north in August.

"Our monitors saw there were no military installations in the camp area, so we would certainly like some answers from the military regarding the nature and reasons of this attack," SLMM spokeswoman Helen Olafsdottir said.

The human rights group, Amnesty International, said: "It is appalling that the military should attack a camp for displaced people - these are civilians who have already been forced from their homes because of the conflict."

It may be appalling for people with a conscience - but, not these folks.

The Tamil Tigers say the number of deaths could be as high as 100.

My question is - if our governments can do this sort of thing to protect 'national security', then who will protect US from our national governments???

Governments that commit these atrocities (ours included) all have one thing in common - they indiscriminately kill the people they purport to protect - except, of course, israelis. In addition to being murderous fascists, israelis are out-of-the-closet racists.

This is a painful reminder that by bandying about empty words like 'national security' 'freedom' and 'equality', and susbequently switching the bait, a small band of ruthless criminals can hijack entire nations under the guise that they are serving 'the nation's' interests when in fact they only serve their own interests - almost always corporate.

Some people call it fascism - but, that term implies that this is a recent phenomon, when it's not.

The seeds of fascism come from an age old sociopathology known as TRIBALISM.

Now, that a handful of tribes command the futures of millions of people - things are going to get VERY ugly for those outside the tribe.

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