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62-year-old man dies after police subdue him with Tasers

KOLD 13 | June 20, 2005

WACO, Texas A 62-year-old man has died after police officers in Waco, Texas, fired a Taser gun at him four times, then forcibly subduing him with handcuffs. Police responding to a domestic-dispute call found Robert Earl Williams in his backyard.


Officers learned he was wanted after his bail had been revoked on a previous resisting-arrest charge.

Officers say that when they advanced, the six-foot, 350-pound man brandished a piece of rebar. They fired Taser darts at him four times without effect, so five officers forcibly subdued and handcuffed the man.

Officers say Williams was sitting on the ground when he complained of difficulty breathing. They say he stopped breathing before an ambulance arrived, and efforts to revive him failed.

Five police officers are on routine paid leave pending an investigation.

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