Cop accidentally stuns fellow officer with Taser
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Cop accidentally stuns fellow officer with Taser

Cincinatti Post | March 8, 2005
By Tony Cook

A Cincinnati police officer accidentally stunned a fellow officer with a Taser gun during a struggle with a suspect in Over-the-Rhine.


Police said officer Robin Williams knew that the suspect, Douglas Robinson, 20, of Bond Hill, lacked a valid driver's license as he parked his car on 15th Street Sunday night.

Williams and her partner, officer Jody Dillinger, attempted to arrest Robinson for falsification after he gave an alias, but a struggle ensued, according to a police department use of force report.

That's when Williams warned Robinson that she would fire her Taser. Dillinger said she tried to move out of the way, but it was too late. One barb struck Robinson in the back, but the other barb struck Dillinger in the elbow.

"Obviously, it hurts when it's going on, but there's no residual effects so I'm fine," Dillinger said Monday. "I took one for the team."

After Dillinger was shocked, Robinson broke free from her grasp and took off on foot.

Williams followed and fired her Taser gun again, striking Robinson in the back with one barb and on his belt with the second barb.

A third officer, David Gregory, arrived on the scene and shocked Robinson again. Robinson then complied and was taken into custody.

Police say the arrest resulted in no injuries.

Department spokesman Lt. Kurt Byrd said it's the first time an officer was accidentally struck by a Taser.

About 800 of the department's 1,000 or so officers have voluntarily experienced a Taser shock, Byrd said. Dillinger was one of them.

The incident followed department policy and procedures as well as state law, according to the use of force report.

"It's probably not the last time it will happen," said Dillinger.

Robinson faces five traffic charges and seven other charges, including obstructing official business, resisting arrest, possession of drugs, having an open container and driving under suspension.

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911:  The Road to Tyranny