Taser Death in Lake City
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Taser Death in Lake City

WAWS Fox 30 | March 13, 2005

Milton Woolfolk from Lake City died after police shot him with a taser.  Woolfolk had a history of psychiatric problems and around noon on Friday, Columbia county sheriff's deputies attempted to take him into custody for a psychiatric evaluation.  


Deputies say Woolfolk also had a history of physical confrontations with police and, in this instance, they say he refused.

After several verbal warnings, deputies used taser guns to subdue him.  At one point, deputies say Woolfolk began pulling the taser prongs out of his skin. Deputies then wrestled him to the ground and handcuffed him.  

Soon after deputies noticed he wasn't moving much and Woolfolk was taken to a nearby hospital.  A short time later he was pronounced dead.

A full investigation is now underway to find out all the details.  An autopsy is being performed and the results are expected Saturday.

The Columbia County Sheriff's office says since they started using tasers in 200, they've had three deaths from tasers .

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