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Jailhouse Taser Victim Dies After Year Long Coma

KVOA | February 3, 2007

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. A Tennessee man who suffered a seizure and lapsed into a coma after jail officers shocked him with a Taser last February, has died at an extended care center.
A district attorney in Chattanooga says he's not pursuing charges in the death.

An attorney for the family of 43-year-old Christopher McCargo says McCargo died Tuesday at a private nursing home in Dayton, Ohio, where his family lives.

A Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman said in August that findings of an investigation into McCargo's death were forwarded to the district attorney's office in Cleveland.

The attorney says a pending federal lawsuit seeking damages will be changed to include wrongful death.

The family is also seeking video recordings of what happened in the jail.

Tasers are manufactured by Taser International of Scottsdale.

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