Officer Quits Over Use Of Taser on Suspect
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Officer Quits Over Use Of Taser on Suspect

The Associated Press | March 12, 2005

PENSACOLA -- A police officer resigned Friday after an internal investigation showed he violated policy by using a stun gun on a jailed prisoner.

Raymond McPhail, 35, resigned after he was caught on tape using a Taser gun on an inmate suspected of having driven under the influence, police said.


Police Chief John W. Mathis said he would have recommended McPhail be fired had he not resigned.

"I believe the termination was necessary in order to maintain public confidence," Mathis said in a statement.

The incident happened in October while McPhail was interviewing the suspect at the Escambia County Jail. Apparently, the suspect would not get out of a chair, and tapes indicated McPhail used the stun gun while out of camera range.

The investigation revealed McPhail violated department policies on conduct standards, prisoner custody, the use of a Taser and the use of force, police said.

Police said they are trying to limit the use of Tasers and have modified their policy on stun gun use as a result of the incident.


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