Officer Shoots Student With Taser Gun
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Officer Shoots Student With Taser Gun
Student Arrested After Being Hospitalized

NBCi News | March 10, 2005

NEWARK, Ohio -- Police said they had no choice but to shoot a Newark High School freshman with a Taser gun after he attacked an officer late Thursday morning.

The students were involved in a fight during their lunch, shortly before 11:30 a.m., NBC 4 's Mike Bowersock reported.


Video taken from a surveillance camera at the school showed police officers and faculty pulling the students apart.

Office David Bardsley ordered the 15-year-old back with his Taser drawn, Bowersock reported.

"One of the kids was apparently uncontrollable and wouldn't stop, and even when they got them apart, apparently kept trying to re-instigate the situation," Newark High School principal Bill Mann said.

Bardsley began wrestling with the freshman and used his Taser gun on him, Bowersock reported. The teen was then seen falling to the ground. He was later taken to a hospital to have the electrodes removed.

The camera that took the video was located outside a science room, not more than 30 feet from where the fight took place.

Police administrators reviewed the videotape and claimed the officer acted properly.

The student is expected to be charged with assault on a police officer. Both students who were involved in the fight could be suspended for 10 days, Bowersock reported.


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