Police Officer Quits After Taser Shock
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Police Officer Quits After Taser Shock

The Ledger | June 14 2005

An Ocoee police officer quit a day after he was shocked with a Taser when Apopka police were called to the scene of a roadrage incident. Norman Willis and another off-duty officer said they had been cut off three times by a pickup truck early Thursday when they were confronted by two men at an intersection.


Apopka police say the Ocoee officers got into a fistfight with two men from the pickup, and Willis lost his service pistol in a struggle with a passenger from the pickup. Apopka police shocked Willis as the two men were scuffling.

Willis, 35, was a rookie serving his probationary period when he resigned Friday.

The other officer, Jason Price, has been assigned to desk duty pending the outcome of an internal investigation


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