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Police Use Taser Gun On Woman Having Diabetic Seizure

KPTV | March 13, 2007

local family is questioning why a woman having a diabetic seizure would have to be tackled and shocked by police.

Authorities said officers went to the home on Northeast 76th Avenue to assist paramedics in dealing with a violent person suffering from some type of diabetic episode.

Brandi Hess and her family said she's been what's called a very brittle diabetic nearly her entire life.

Even with food and insulin, Hess' family said her blood sugar will drop dangerously low, and nearly every time that happens, she becomes irrational and combative.

The family said doctors have not been able to find a way to help her manage the disease any better.

According to authorities, Hess was having one of those episodes on Saturday night when she allegedly punched one of the officers without provocation.

Police said the officer was kicked several times in the stomach and groin and a firefighter punched twice while they struggled with Hess.

Authorities said the office used the Taser gun in an effort to stop the fight.

"The next thing I know, I woke up on the floor right here in front of my coffee table. I had a bunch of people on top of me," said Hess. "My left arm was -- well my whole body was in a lot of pain because I had 8 to 9 people on top of me and my left arm was in a lot, a lot of pain. I was really confused because I didn't know what had happened."

After the Taser was deployed, emergency personnel was able to give medical treatment to Hess.

Police said Hess, the officer and firefighter appeared to be unhurt.



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