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Report: UCLA officer had previous violent encounters

AP | November 22, 2006

LOS ANGELES The U-C-L-A campus policeman who was videotaped shocking a student with a Taser reportedly has had previous violent encounters.

The Los Angeles Times reports Terrence Duren also shot and wounded a homeless man three years ago and once was suspended for using his nightstick to choke someone outside a fraternity.

Duren told the Times he's proud of his service as a cop and has nothing to hide.

Campus police say the man who was Tasered refused to show his student I-D during a routine check at a library computer lab.

Police say he also refused to leave the building when asked.

Video footage of the Taser incident posted on the Internet shows the Tasered man screaming and writhing on the computer lab floor.

Tasers are manufactured by Taser International in Scottsdale.


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