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Teen charged with felony for e-mails threatening Bush

AFP | March 30 2006

A 13-year-old boy has been charged with a felony for sending two e-mails threatening President George W. Bush ahead of his upcoming visit to Cincinnati, Ohio, local media reported.

The boy, who lives in a Kentucky suburb of Cincinnati, was allowed to remain in his mother's custody ahead of an upcoming court appearance to face the charge of terroristic threatening.

"He is extremely well versed in the history of President Bush," Florence, Kentucky Police Captain Linny Cloyd told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "In talking with him, you can tell this is a hot-button topic with him."

An investigation was launched when the town's mayor received an anonymous e-mail threatening the president, who is expected to throw the first pitch for the Cincinnati Reds baseball team on Monday.

A second e-mail was also sent to the White House, Vice President Dick Cheney and the Pentagon.

"We asked him what brought him to this point," Cloyd said. "He didn't have an answer he was willing to share with us."

The boy's parents consented to a search of their home Monday evening when Cloyd arrived with FBI and Secret Service agents. They did not find anything that led them to believe the boy intended to carry out his threats.

"If the teen was just looking for attention, he certainly got it," said Florence Mayor Diane Whalen. "I think the key thing here is you can't ignore any threat in these times."



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