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McCain Torture Compromise Bill Allows Sodomy, Rape of Prisoners

Daily Kos | September 28 2006

It has always been illegal to rape or sodomize prisoners in U.S. custody, of course. But under the McCain Torture Compromise, as long as you are doing it as "interrogation", the president is now authorized to allow it.

Luckily, the Warner Redefinition of Human Rights Clause allows the president not only to authorize which prisoners will and will not be raped in an attempt to "break them", but will allow the president to refuse all access to evidence or trial to those prisoners. So that'll keep future abuses from coming to light.

Just thought I'd help clarify what the Republican lawmakers on the Senate floor are debating right now, since they don't seem to be in any mood to make those points clear. We're talking about torturing people so that the Senate can have a political floor show, and the supposed moderates of the movement are lapping it up like pups.

Personally, I think if you are going to pass a law that says another man will now be tortured, you should at least have the personal courage to stand up and say plainly what it is you intend to do to him.



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