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USA Detainee Torture Act, HR 6166 set to be signed by President Bush,

Canada Action Party | October 2nd, 2006

The Canadian Action Party demands that Canada formally condemn the new bill in the United States of America that grants the US president the right to torture, removes Habeus Corpus (a rule against arbitrary detention), defines as a terrorist anyone who questions or challenges the President or his government, removes civil trials, and otherwise purports to legalize crimes against humanity, and purports to extend into and apply in foreign jurisdictions against other nationals, as well as US citizens.

This new Bill is itself an act of terror.

Canadians are particularly at risk not just due to our physical proximity to the USA, but as a result of the unconstitutional agreements and arrangements being implemented secretly and/ or administratively such as the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement, the Smart Border Plan, and others, which integrate Canada with the United States of America.

Further, Canada's own antiterrorist legislation was enacted under a veil of panic arising out of a terrible act in a foreign country, the Unites States of America , which act to date has been inadequately investigated as to its real cause , and which cause may even be rooted in some of the proponents of torture legislation. Citizens have a right to know the truth.

This new US Bill finalizes the elimination of all citizen rights in the USA.
Canada must distance itself from such law.

    On behalf of all Canadians, the Canadian Action Party/ Parti action canadienne demands that our government :
  1. affirm our Rule of Law, and
  2. assure Canadians that no such legislation will be tolerated in Canada, and
assert that any attempt by President Bush to arrest or detain any Canadian under this new Bill anywhere in the world will not be tolerated.



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