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Cops Molest Woman for Questioning Non-Candidate Thompson

Kurt Nimmo | July 27, 2007

In Texas, the First Amendment is illegal. Hell, in most of America the First Amendment is moribund, so this should not be surprising. Of course, you can have your free speech, so long as you ask the right questions or keep your mouth shut.

“A woman screaming ‘you're not a real conservative, sir' was removed by police from a welcoming reception for likely GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson Wednesday morning. A second protester was also taken from the room,” reports CNN (follow link to see video), neglecting to mention the woman “screamed” after the cops leaned on her for the crime of politely asking fake presidential selectee Fred Thompson about his membership in the CFR, a question he did not answer, although he admitted being a member of the “conservative,” as in criminal neocon, American Enterprise Institute, responsible for plotting the invasion of Iraq and also responsible for killing over 750,000 people.

Protester removed from Fred Thompson event

According to the Stop the American Union website, Fred Thompson is indeed a CFR member, and his name appears on an annotated membership roster .

“The ‘lamestream' news media treats the CFR as merely some advisory think tank. But, the Council on Foreign Relations is much more than that. Going back almost a hundred years, the CFR mission is to establish a one-world government,” writes Tom Kovach for World Net Daily. “CFR members must work—some openly, and some secretly—to steadily undermine American sovereignty. The recent news about the North American Union is only one phase of an unrelenting effort toward global government.

CFR member Lamar Alexander used to work for CFR member Howard Baker, who mentored CFR member Fred Thompson. And, Thompson was elected to the Senate in 1994, the same year CFR member Bill Frist was elected to the United States Senate from Tennessee. Both Frist and Thompson joined the CFR in 2002. So, with several years of experience on Capitol Hill at the time they both joined, there is no way either of them could reasonably deny knowledge of the agenda and influence of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations….

There is no doubt Thompson has a globalist pedigree. And, if he becomes a candidate for the White House, the pattern is already established for Thompson and his CFR-elite cronies to continue weakening the security of America's borders, turning a blind eye toward terrorist threats, and giving away America's strategic advantages. Regardless of his amiable personal qualities, can the United States really afford to elect a “Bush-button” globalist president such as Fred Thompson?

Of course, Thompson will get nowhere near the White House, as that spot is reserved for a Democrat, either Hillary or Obama, as the game of musical chairs must continue and the globalist agenda move forward. Some peg Thompson as a Ron Paul spoiler.

So, why didn't Thompson answer the woman's question, and why did the cops body press her? Because, CFR members don't want you to know who they are and what they have in mind for America, that is to sell it down the river to transnational corporations and turn you into a slave, no different than a slave in a Chinese sweatshop.

How dare this woman ask Thompson a question.

After all, he is of globalist pedigree.

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