Girl Scouts Vow To Take On NYPD In Cookie Ticket Flap
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Girl Scouts Vow To Take On NYPD In Cookie Ticket Flap

Associated Press | March 9, 2005

NEW YORK -- The Girl Scouts of America is promising to come to the defense of a Long Island girl who was ticketed for selling scout cookies in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The flap happened over the weekend when 13-year-old Grace Marie Louis and her father, Howard Louis, were delivering cookies to their old neighborhood. They have since moved to Bethpage, Long Island, but the girl has gone back to the Brooklyn neighborhood for the last seven years to sell her girl scout cookies.

Her father had set up a card table next to their van to sort out the orders, and that's when a police captain and an another officer from the 94th Precinct came by in an unmarked car and shouted "Get over here, police."

The 55-year-old father wasn't sure they were legitimate police so he told his daughter to get in the van. The police ticketed Louis for selling cookies without a permit. The NYPD said Louis was selling the cookies from the table and the officer didn't see any Girl Scouts nearby.

The Girl Scouts of Nassau County said Grace Marie has been one of their top cookie sellers since she joined the scouts in kindergarten. She's sold about 600 boxes for her Troop 3019. But she's afraid to go back to Williamsburg to finish making her deliveries.

The scouts said they will provide an attorney to the family when the father appears in Manhattan Criminal Court on April 11

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911:  The Road to Tyranny