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Toll Road Checkpoints to Deal With Dissenters
Jackbooted thugs given stop and search powers for people suspected of removing tracking tags, arguing with officials merits 6 month jail sentence

Prison Planet | February 14, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

Tony Blair's toll road surveillance and taxation grid is to be enforced by a new cadre of jackbooted inspectors who will be given powers to stop and search vehicles where owners are suspected to have removed their tracking tags. Arguing with the officials will be punishable by a 6 month prison sentence, according to a leaked government memo.

The British government's mandate for local authorities to institute pilot schemes for a tax by the mile system by 2009, a highly unpopular measure which was recently opposed by over a million signatories to an online Downing Street petition , includes several elements that have been hidden from the population all along. These include;

- Centralizing local schemes into a national and ultimately pan-European tracking and taxation matrix;

- No discounts for motorists who live within road pricing areas;

- A rhetorical backing away from promises that the measures would not be a new stealth tax and that separate road tax and fuel duty would be abolished;

- A 6 month jail sentence and a large fine for tampering with "spy in the car" tracking devices, consisting of mandatory RFID tracking tags;

- Checkpoints staffed by road toll officials who will be given powers to stop and search any suspicious vehicle or one that they suspect has had its tracking tag tampered with;

- Simply remonstrating or obstructing such an official will also be punishable by a 6 month jail sentence.

After 1.3 million people signed a petition on the government's website opposing the scheme, senior ministers vowed to shut down the e-petition feature altogether, fearing that it had become a public relations disaster. Overwhelming public opposition to road tolls has not stopped the government rapidly accelerating the program, despite predictions from some quarters that the move could lead to poll tax style riots that took place in the 80's and early 90's following the Conservative government's attempt to flat tax each individual person, a move which was ultimately abandoned after over 30% of the country refused to pay it in an act of mass civil disobedience that was accompanied by numerous protests and riots.

Americans should recoil at such plans in light of the fact that the NAFTA Superhighway and the North American Union are going to be responsible for the imposition of similar toll toad schemes, underpinned by mandatory RFID tracking, snaking across the country from border to border.

Brits and especially Londoners are normally the first segment of the global population that such Orwellian control measures are foisted upon. In the last few months pilot schemes for a fresh array of nightmare surveillance technologies have been implemented, including x-ray scanners in light poles, shouting telescreens, brain scanners and microphones that can record conversations for suspicious keywords.

Proponents of the man-made theory on global warming should think seriously about how their support of such a charade is empowering governments to impose draconian new programs of surveillance and taxation while the mega-corporations they are married to will continue to pollute the environment while rolling around in fat profits at the expense of the average citizen.

Under the delusion of saving the planet by cutting carbon emissions, the majority will submit to labor under ballooning taxation while every remaining aspect of their personal life is invaded and monitored by the authorities in the name of environmentalism.

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