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Torture on Fox's "24"

Infowars | January 11, 2005

Last night on Fox's series "24", they paid tribute to torture again and showed it in a positive light.  They had the Secretary of Defense's son in interrogation.  The interrogator was ordered to torture him to find out what he knew, even though the interrogator thought that this "kid" was innocent.  He was ordered to go in and strap this guy to a chair and inject him with something that would "make all of his nerve endings feel like they were on fire."  The guy screamed that they couldn't do that to him and that he didn't do anything wrong and that it was illegal, but the interrogator took great pride in the fact that there would be no trace of the chemical and that it would only leave a little mark on his arm.  So then the interrogator stops the injection before happening because he "just couldn't do it", so they go back in and put the goggles and headphones on him for sensory depravation, cranking up frequencies and making him nuts.  The interrogator comes back in a half-hour later and removes the glasses and headphones from the "suspect" who tells them that he doesn't know anything.  They put the headgear back on as the young man screams, cries and pleads for his life... begging them not to do it again, but they do anyway and this kid is just freaking out tied to this chair. 




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911:  The Road to Tyranny