British MI-5 Show Illustrates Benefits Of Torture
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British MI-5 Show Illustrates Benefits Of Torture

Ted Twietmeyer | March 7, 2005

It's now time for all to understand that "torture is good" for the new freedom we all enjoy now. Or, to steal a line from Chubby Checker: "How low.....can you go." Stop thinking that torture is bad...even if it is true.

The new equation is:

(war + torture + eliminating liberties + effective media brainwashing) = "new freedom"

Our british friends clearly are working hard to show how tough, mean, nasty and low-reaching their domestic intelligence people can be. EVERYTHING in UK media and film is government approved, just like it is in the USA. The television series MI-5 clearly illustrates this. It is apparently intended to get people accustomed (read that "brainwashed") to the "new freedom" envisioned by the Bush-Blair bottom feeders. Nothing like hands across the sea. TV network A&E (American last I knew) is now airing our important new freedom lessons. It should be renamed A&B for "Arts and Brainwashing" network. Think about that "new freedom" which the two-legged conifer in Washington is always reminding us of, as you read about a recent television episode below.


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We will explore the glories of torture as expounded upon in a recent "MI-5" episode aired on Saturday March 5th, 2005 on A&E network. MI apparently doesn't stand for "Military Intelligence," but instead "Misery Incorporated." In most television plots, the audience is either led to feel sorry for the accused, or made to hate him/her before detention takes place.

No time wasted on that, however. This plot was clearly intended to focus on torture and the benefits it has for "National Security." Some readers may remember the original BMW movie player website, where car driver Clive Owen (who was also an MI-5 star until recently) would do impossible feats with a BMW sedan in several different short films made by famous directors like Ridley Scott. The black screen BMW movie player is intended for soley for broadband. When the website first launched, a special elite program on the website was the movie loader and player. It had it's own mysterious, ominous musical chords that would endlessly play in the background while waiting for you to select a movie.

MI-5 uses the VERY SAME ominous musical chords constantly all through the MI-5 show. Perhaps audio with a subliminal slant? To my knowledge there aren't any laws against subliminals on streaming internet, and most likely won't be. And if there are, these laws will NOT apply to government sanctioned movies or audio. Think about that next time you watch or listen to ANYTHING streaming off the web. Or, when listening to a multi-media download.

The MI-5 episode began with the interrogation of a man at a table, suspected of having a missile target illuminator aimed at London when a luggage piece showed a padded place for the military device. When he asks for a lawyer, he is reminded of the UK's Terrorism Act of 2000 (yes, they DID say 2000) under which detention for several days is possible, and no contact with anyone will be allowed. Or longer "if they contact a friendly magistrate, up to several weeks." He still refuses to talk. During a commercial he is moved, and is next seen standing in the middle of a large room cooking away under a bright light. He was kept for many days but still refused to talk. Since he is never fed or watered, dehydration becomes a part of his stay at the crown's Motel Hell. No bucket for collecting bodily waste, although he apparently never needed such relief even after days of detention.

The friendly, loving folks of MI-5 next trick him to grab a bottle of water from the interrogator's hand and down a few gulps. Bad move. It has a poison that makes him vomit violently. He is offered an antidote, but still he won't talk. Suddenly the vomit on the cell floor is completely gone in the next scene. (Must be those new secret nano-janitors at work.) In a real situation, it would have been left there for days to make the prisoner's stay less pleasant at Motel Hell. He is about to endure their "3 F's" of torture - Finance, friends and family at the hands of the droids of motel hell.

Their next tactic was to tell him they stole all his money from his bank accounts (big surprise) and that now he's broke. But this doesn't work either. Nor does the idea of alienating his friends against him, and telling him he'll never get another job, anywhere doing what he does. All that the friendly motel hell interrogators that work for the crown want to know, is where the remote controlled laser target illuminator is mounted and the missile that will be aimed at London. Still he refuses to talk. At one point, one of the show's characters while watching a TV monitor and seeing a guard hit the prisoner with a nightstick in head demands an answer to "isn't there a danger we will be just like them ?" Of course, his co-interrogator reminds him (again) of the missile to hit London. We hear this at least 5 times throughout the show. Shucks- think they are trying to tell us something?

Friends and finance mental torture didn't work. Now they move on to his family. Low and behold, one of the dirt-digging-diligent-droids at MI-5 discovers that he has an 11 year old daughter (there's that "11" again) in need of a liver transplant. Without saying it, the viewer quickly realizes that the interrogators screwed up by taking the man's money away first so he can't pay for the transplant, instead of using it as leverage. But they have another idea. Somewhere I expected colonel Klink to come out of his office with a brilliant plan. But scratch that. He's dead.

A large inflatable power boat with perhaps 8-10 men dressed in black-ops water suits takes a few fast power U-turns on the river Thames. Mandatory for audience mental image formation. No reason for the water theatrics was ever explained to the viewer. Next the man and several guard agents are walking on the shore of a rat-hole section of the river. They give the man binoculars and tell him where to look, so he can see that one of the loving, caring MI-5 people from motel hell has his daughter up on a balcony. He is told that this is the building the prisoner's people will blow up. Nothing like the dramatics of theater to make someone talk. He quickly gives them the location of the laser illuminator and the launcher and wants protection. The MI-5 people walk away, and out of nowhere comes traditional city policeman to take him away. (Perhaps they won't give him poisoned water.) Imagine that. MI-5 protection?

Word has percolated out of walled-in-Washington, that in June 2005 Iran will be attacked by the USA. Let's revisit what happened in 2001. The WTC "vertical event" (Barnett-the-brainwasher calls it that) took place before Iraq was invaded. First we heard endlessly "Osama did it." We have to invade Afghansitan. Then a year later, ", it was Saddam that did the WTC. We gotta git 'em." Blah, blah, blah. We all know how that story didn't end.

What this means is that in order for our deficit-plagued Congress to give support for another war, ANOTHER ATTACK must come first. Therefore, an even bigger event (of deadly theater) will be worse than the one in 2001 will take place. It will be most likely take place in April or May, to create a context for the June Iran 2005 invasion timetable. Bush bellowing that "Iran has nukes" won't be enough, after his dismal WMD fiasco. As I've said in previous writings in the past, the REAL end game is to declare martial law and use the Patriot Act and other illegal new laws to finish the police state conversion, and grab the children to be the new droids of the NWO. The separation of children from parents using the new policies already in place in public schools will almost certaintly occur. For those that don't know about the FEMA plan, it entails taking children via bus to the nearest railroad terminal, then on to a camp. They will never see their parents again, despite more empty promises from the neo-Nazis in Washington that they will. Children in schools ALL across America, have already began doing bus-boarding drills more than a year ago. THIS IS REAL.

The next attack on America will most logically be during a SCHOOL DAY and I'll explain why below. Period. Not on a weekend or any weekday holiday. Keep your ear to the news all day. When ANY bad event happens, drop what you're doing and go get your children out before it's too late. Don't even wait to hear the details of the event on the news. JUST GO get them out or you may never see them again. Their rail trip to a camp will be a one-way trip. And don't forget the forced vaccinations that are just now becoming public. Truly the end of America is near, unless something is done.

Patriotic unbrainwashable citizens will be either assasinated or given interment, torture and death. [1] We are the millions who must be dimented and unpatriotic because we like true freedom. True to the prophecy about the last days in the Good Book - "right shall be wrong, and wrong shall be right." Some will receive torture to set an example of fear, or to scare others into submission. I'm sure they won't let me speak at all, because I'll demoralize the guards with hard truth.

Shows like MI-5 will assure the brainwashed public that recipients of such torture will surely must have earned it. It could be done right out in public on a main street, and no one will step in and interfere. Media is largely responsible for this, as they are the main brainwashers and promoters. This is exactly what happened in Germany when the Nazis leaped into power. Everyone obediently laid down like doormats, and waited for the iron boot to be stomped across their face. Then the obedient sheep were hearded off to extermination camps. Hitler had red and blue lists, and so does FEMA. THIS WAS THEIR REWARD FOR DOING NOTHING just like most Americans do today. And for doing exactly what Frederick Douglass once gave as the definition of a slave almost 150 years ago: "A slave is someone who sits down, and waits for someone to free them."

Everything ties in with mainstream media and the recent MI-5 episode. All are clearly being used to brainwash people into accepting torture as a necessary evil for that "new freedom" we all enjoy. Even courts have ruled that confessions from torture are now acceptable evidence. Too many people still refuse to realize that for any reason whatsoever, they can be sent to one of hundreds existing POW camps in the mass roundup after the next attack. And like the man during the Nazi Germany years who spoke of how they came for the Catholics and no one cared, they came for the Jews and no one cared, etc..., and how when they came for HIM no one cared - they will come for YOU and no one will care either. And all one has to do to assure this will happen, is nothing.

We will repeat this terrible history again, from the result of brainwashing, arrogance and pride.
And refusing to see the writing on the wall from the past.

Ted Twietmeyer

[1] - Ashcroft's hellish vision:
Although he's out, the new attorney general also thinks torture is good.


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