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Councils fine thousands of residents for putting rubbish out early

UK Daily Mail | April 13, 2007

Thousands of people have been fined for putting out their rubbish on the wrong day.

A report found fixed penalties totalling more than £185,000 have been issued to householders who put waste out for collection too early, even if they breached their council's time limit by only a few hours, according to a newspaper investigation.


More than a dozen councils have levied fines since the introduction of legislation a year ago enabling local authorities to pursue residents.

Birmingham has issued 592 penalty notices in the last 12 months, Kensington and Chelsea 365 and Cardiff 264, The Times said.

Under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act, councils can issued a fixed-penalty notice to residents who persistently fail to put their rubbish out at the right time and date.

Councillors in favour of the move say it is to stop people putting out bags a long time before collection with the risk of attracting rats.


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