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Woman Assaulted, Arrested For Not Having Dog On Leash
Animal control officers demanded name, social security number

News 4 Jax | June 9, 2005

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. -- A woman walking her dogs on the beach was forcibly arrested and spent a night in jail when a confrontation with police escalated into violence.

Angela Egnedoerfer was stopped by animal control officers Sunday afternoon for not having her dog on a leash. When she refused to sign a citation, Atlantic Beach police were called.

According to arrest police report, Egnedoerfer gave police a false name and Social Security number. After a number of verbal warnings, police said they forcibly took her to the ground and arrested her.

She feels the police overreacted to what was essentially a leash-law violation

"I spent the night in jail," Egnedoerfer said. "I had things on my ankles; on my wrists."

She showed Channel 4's Scott Johnson scars and bruises on her body she said were caused by the rough handling of police officers.

"I got mouthy with them. I did," Egnedoerfer said. "They're getting mouthy with me; snotty with me. I gave him some fake name, fake Social (Security number) and, there, I'm leaving."

Egnedoerfer said she tried to blow off police thinking this was no big deal. But when she gave the fake name, it became a big deal.

The police report said she was "very irate and belligerent." The officer "told the defendant to stop several times," and as she continued to walk away he pulled pulled a Taser gun and eventually "performed an arm-bar takedown."

"(He) pushed my head into the hard sand. I'm talking, everything went black. I, I've never been hit so hard in my life. And I'm female," she said.

This all happened on Atlantic Beach after she crossed over the border from Hanna Park. But she says it's hard to tell where one beach ends and the other begins and she wasn't sure she was even in Atlantic Beach's jurisdiction when she was stopped.

Police have charged her with resisting an officer, interfering with an officer and gave false identification. There was the dog citation, so police said there was more than reason enough to arrest her the way they did.

The Atlantic Beach Police Department declined be interviewed about the case, saying that the list of violations speaks for itself



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