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Fort Collins Votes On Fluoride In Water

ABC News | April 5, 2005

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- People who live in Fort Collins are casting their ballot in the debate over fluoride in their water and taxes on their groceries.

Thanks for participating in our survey.Do You Approve Of Flouridating A City's Water Supply?Do you think a city has the right to add fluoride to its water supply?Yes. It's for the public good to prevent tooth decay.No. Fluoride is harmful if taken in large amounts.Citizens should have a right to decide whether or not fluoride is added to their drinking water. It should be up for a vote.

Residents are voting to either keep or remove the addition of fluoride to the water supply. In February, the Larimer County Board of Health voted unanimously in favor of continuing to add the mineral to the water supply. Fort Collins started adding fluoride to its water in 1967. There has been some push to stop adding it from people who say fluoride can be harmful to babies and small children.

Fort Collins residents are also voting on whether to get rid of sales tax on groceries and whom to select for mayor.

Supporters of eliminating the tax say it unfairly burdens low-income shoppers. But others argue that the roughly $6 million of tax revenue it generates pays for necessary city services. The proposal on the ballot asks voters if the city should phase out the sales tax over three years. Most of the 58 Colorado cities and towns that collect their own sales taxes do tax groceries.

Fort Collins taxes different food at different rates. Food meant to be taken home to eat is taxed at 2.5 percent. Non-food groceries and food meant for immediate consumption -- like a turkey sandwich -- are taxed at 6.7 percent. That includes city, county and state taxes.

It's a mail-in election, but many people are dropping off their ballots before the deadline

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