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Global Warming Bandwagon To Reach Fever Pitch On 7/7/7
Live 8 Style concerts will once again see every attention seeking celebrity come out of the woodwork to lecture on something they know little or nothing about

Infowars.net | April 10, 2007  
Steve Watson

Seven huge stadium concerts are to be held around the world this Summer in aid of raising awareness to combat climate change despite the fact that the science of man made global warming is still very much up for debate and the facts used to support the theory are highly questionable at best.

"Live Earth" shows, organised by Al Gore, to take place around the world on 7 July are being billed as "the largest musical event in world history and the beginning of the biggest change we've ever had to make," according to Gore .

Following the model Bob Geldof used for his anti-poverty Live 8 gigs in 2005, Live Earth will be held in Johannesburg, London, New Jersey, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Sydney and Tokyo.

The much vaunted Live 8 and 'Make Poverty History' campaigns in 2005, were tellingly co-opted by controlling corporate interests and did little if nothing to help worldwide suffering. Although they may have started out as serious attempts to bring about change, these celebrity sideshows serve as nothing more than feel-good get togethers that always end up as watered down mass marketed cultural comfort.

Why should we expect such an event to do anything to aid climate change or the debate surrounding it?

We have consistently pushed for a real debate on global warming and frequently presented the evidence of scientists who suggest it is not caused by human activity. We have covered the fact that there is global warming on every planet in the solar system. The jury is no where near out within the scientific community on this issue, yet environmental obsessives would have us believe that every single scientist in the world is screaming that we're all going to die because of our cars.

Ridiculous notions are beginning to emerge that show global warming is being used as a justification for anything. An article in today's Scotsman suggests that "experts" believe global warming is to blame for a rise in street crime . Another article suggests that global warming will lead countries to go to war .

And what is the proposed solution?


Since humans produce carbon dioxide by breathing, surely the sensible thing to do would be to tax the air we breathe? There's actually a discussion of it. The New York Times ran an editorial recently calling on the government to impose a carbon tax on humans for the air we breathe!

Taxing the air we breathe! Can we now not agree that hysterical control freaks have seized the reigns of the global warming debate?

The idea of taxing the air we breathe has for decades been a satirical allegory of government control but now it's becoming a reality, because global warming is the new justification to do anything!

Is it possible that exaggerated theories of climate change are being promulgated by global bodies such as the UN and the Trilateral Commission in order that they may more easily implement systems of global control that will only benefit their elitist strategy?

Doom and gloom merchants rubbish this and inevitably shy away from debate, labeling anyone who questions man made global warming a "denier", a "conspiracist", or an "apologiser for big business and the oil cartels", completely ignoring the fact that the high priests of the elite and kingpin oil men are the ones fanning the flames of global warming hysteria.

Is this the example that Live Earth will set to the watching billions? Furthermore, is it really sensible to hold seven gigantic rock concerts in order to promote energy conservation? Heck, why not let global warming experts John Travolta and Prince Charles jet in on one of their many private jets in order to tell everyone that very soon they will never be able to fly again?

Will we once again witness embarrassing amounts of people wearing ridiculous fashion wristbands, this time saying "make global warming history", whilst jumping around listening to Madonna wail on about something she knows absolutely nothing about, thus justifying her use of the words "like" and "fuck" in every single sentence?

Whilst every sycophantic attention seeking pop star on the planet is clamouring to be on the stage to once again "save the world" the sad reality of the situation is that the facts are being lost in a frothing and frantic atmosphere of hype.

The culmination of this will be the coming together of every famous name under the Sun this summer, making fighting man made global warming and the proposed "solutions" (ie more tax and restriction of movement) cool.

Anyone who challenges the science in an effort to debate the proposed solutions will not only be lambasted by the left leaning media and the politically correct crowd, but will also face the wrath of every rabid fan of whichever vacuous celebrity has contributed to this huge sideshow bandwagon.

The only change these concerts will foment will be to aid a total shutdown of any dissenting voice on the issue and to aid the total implementation of any legislation that cites man made global warming as reason for its existence.


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