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'The Great Global Warming Swindle'

entertainment.iafrica.com | March 9, 2007
Tashi Tagg

A juicy new documentary called The Great Global Warming Swindle has just been broadcast (on 8 March, 2007) on the UK's Channel 4.

Based on the thesis presented in the book The Chilling Star by Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark, the documentary claims that humans have absolutely no control over Global Warming and that all the hype about it is simply propoganda inspired by the huge amounts of money given to what's become a popular cause.

I caught an interview with one of the scientists involved with it on CNN on Thursday night and everything he had to say made total sense. The argument the scientists are making is that the sun impacts on clouds and clouds impact on how the suns rays get distributed, which results in changes to the earths temperature.

They're saying that carbon dioxide omissions have a miniscule, if any, impact on this process and that it's proven by the fact that most Global Warming took place prior to 1940 - before people started pumping out CO2 gasses.

The mouldy oldy Einstein dude being interviewed (I can't remember his name) said that huge amunts of information gets kept from the public about what's actually happening with the earth and used Antarctica as an example.

He referred to all the media reports about the icecaps melting and the pictures they show etc and said that these are simply around the edges of Antarctica and that at it's core it's actually getting colder. He also said that something we're never told is that the earth's global temperature has remained constant for the past five years.

When asked why we'd be misled like this he said that the scientific studies into the impact of CO2 gasses on the climate started in the 1980's and had tons of cash injected into it.

For such an investigation to get more money they obviously need to make dramatic discoveries to justify why more cash needs to spent on further studies and action, so the more hype and fuss they could make about people's responsibility, the more cash everyone's been prepared to spend.

To me it really sounds like it's the truth. In a climate that's so socially aware with people so keen to show how much they care while blaming everyone for everything it makes sense that tons of cash can be made by appealing to people's sense of guilt.

Also, he mentioned that scientists who didn't support the theory were constantly at threat of having their funding pulled. That's the way money operates all the time so it gives the argument further credibility.

The trouble is - will anyone want to back down on madly Going Green now that everyone's made such a big deal about it? As we speak there's some big summit about Global Warning featuring all the worlds leaders discussing solutions and looking special. I just don't see them suffering the embarassment of suddenly saying that it's all been a scam and that we're simply at the earth's mercy.

On the other hand they can't just ignore it and carry on wasting people's taxes. Apparently the documentary also looks at the impact the whole trend has on poorer nations who are being told to spend money and do stuff that's hindering them instead of helping.

Let's hope we get to see the show soooon. It's sounds like a very plausible theory don't you think?




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