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India Blasts Linked to Seismic Activity

Whitley Strieber | March 19, 2005

Indian geologists believe that a series of thunderous explosions heard in the Kutch and Saurashtra regions of Gujarat in India may be related to seismic activity. Gujarat is located on the Arabian Sea north of Mumbai (Bombay). A total of 384 tremors took place in the area in January and early February. 356 of these were under 1.0 in intensity on the Richter Scale.

Similar blasts were also heard in the Una, Kodinar, and Veraval talukas of Junagadh district. Government officials claimed that the sounds had caused no damage, but residents complain that windows and walls have been damaged throughout the area.

There are numerous areas of the world experiencing loud, unexplained explosions at this time, but this is the first time scientists have linked them to seismic activity. It should be noted that sonic booms cause low-intensity but measurable earthquakes when they strike the ground, and this shaking usually registers at a level of 1.0 to 2.0 on the Richter Scale.

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