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Beijing student sues Microsoft for infringing his privacy

The Inquirer | September 14, 2007
Egan Orion

FROM CHINA comes news that a Beijing university student has sued Microsoft for privacy infringement.

Student Lu Feng said he installed Windows XP on his laptop computer and followed the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) screen prompts, only to discover that Microsoft collected information about himself and his computer, instead of just checking whether his copy of Windows XP was genuine.

Lu also alleged that the Vole forced him to agree to a contract of adhesion, in that he had to agree to accept it before he was allowed to complete the software installation, and that this violated his legal rights.

He is asking the court to award damages of 1,350 yuan (about US $180), annul the Microsoft Windows XP WGA installation agreement, order Microsoft to delete all personal information it gathered about him, and provide him with software that can uninstall WGA from his computer.

He also wants to see a Volish apology in a national newspaper, according to the state media organ Xinhua.

There's no hint in the published report that Lu filed for class action status. More's the pity.

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