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NASA Could Have Safely Launched Shuttle — Russian Space Agency Boss

MosNews | July 13, 2005

NASA was overreacting when they cancelled the Discovery shuttle launch, Itar Tass reported Thursday quoting the head of the Roskosmos state space agency, Anatoly Perminov. The defect was not serious enough to cancel the flight, he said.

“Failure of one of the four fuel tank’s gauges is not a defect that should make people panic,” Perminov told journalists.

“In my opinion, the launch could be well performed with the defect.”

Perminov also said he was sure NASA would resume flights this year. “I am sure the shuttle will fly, because enormous funds have been spent already,” he said.

NASA scrapped Wednesday’s launch of the first shuttle flight in over two years because of a fuel gauge that mistakenly read empty instead of full, a frustrating setback to the agency’s bid to get back into space after the Columbia tragedy, AP reported.

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