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Drug-Dispensing Tooth Could Be Controlled By Cell Phone

Local 6 TV | April 5, 2007


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Researchers in Europe and Israel are working on a tooth that can dispense medicine into a person's mouth, according to a Local 6 report. The tiny device would be able to release a specific amount of medicine at certain intervals, ensuring that the patient gets the proper dosage at the right time.

It's attached to your existing teeth and could one day be controlled by using your cell phone, the report said. Patients often forget or find it too inconvenient to take medicine, especially during night.

But, a dentist told the Associated Press that the device would rectify the problem by automating the process. The actual drug-dispensing system is called IntelliDrug and would be small enough to fit in a replacement tooth placed in the back of the mouth, like a molar.

Wolff's company, Saliwell Ltd., and German microelectronics institute HSG-IMIT are two of 15 organizations involved with the development of the device. The report said the treatment of diabetes is one area where delivering drugs via a tooth can be advantageous. Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.


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