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Infowars | April 5, 2006
By Lenny Foster

(I just wanted to talk about Dr. Pianka's comments.  I had this professor for a class, and he actually said this to us TWICE in class!  Oh, to clarify something for you, the 90% figure comes from the kill rate of ebola; it typically kills 9 out of 10 people it infects.  I don't think it comes as much from the average of 85-95% population reduction plan, but Dr. Pianka clearly is a globalist. 
He even gleefully went through the progression of ebola infection to death.  Symptoms start out mild, but at some point, you start vomiting blood, sores break out on you, and you vomit parts of your esophagus.  Make no mistake, he GLEEFULLY read over the gory details, he was actually giddy and smiling about it. 
I still can't believe that this has actually gone public.  My thoughts are that due to his age, Dr. Pianka just doesn't give a damn about possible repercussions to his career.  Granted, he's old, as facts tended to slip his mind during lectures, but this is still inexcusable.  My class was shocked, and I can't think of anyone who went to his office hours; we always went to our TA.  Everyone thought he was strange and creepy.)
Well, I have more info on the Lizard Man.  After talking to others at UT, it seems like this is the norm for Dr. Pianka's classes.  Others who have taken his class or are taking his class told me that he did exactly the same thing in my class.  I've also learned that he is less radical than he was decades ago, which is a shock. 
2 things.  1, you are fairly accurate with your assertion that universities inundate you with population control.  In a number of classes, even non-biology classes, I have heard references to overpopulation.  But, I haven't heard any open calls for extermination like I did in Pianka's class.  2, a number of people I have told about Pianka's outrageous statements actually SUPPORTED his position!  They wanted more info on his class; they actually WANTED to take his class because of his call for near-global extermination.  It's incredible.
Now, I would like you to read or at least discuss my email on your show.  It seems like you focused on the negative emails and those supporting Pianka on Wednesday's show, so I think it would be a bit more balanced if you mentioned emails such as this one that are against Pianka's position on airborne ebola.  It's funny, because when you discuss population control with people who have not gone to college, they laugh at you and call you a conspiracy nut. 
And, BTW, not all biologists support Pianka's position.  Unfortunately, a lot do.



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