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Quintuplets Born to Surrogate Mother

Elites TV | April 26, 2005

Luisa Gonzalez and Enrique Moreno of Gilbert, Arizona had been trying to have a child for 13 years with no success. Yesterday, their dreams came true not just once, but five times when 25-year-old Teresa Anderson gave birth to the couples' quintuplets at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center. The babies, all boys, weighed in at between three and four pounds. One of the babies, named Javier, was taken to Phoenix Children's Hospital for treatment of a heart defect. He is in stable condition.

Anderson was implanted with five embryos from the biological parents. Doctors hoped that at least one of them would develop into a fetus and were surprised when it became apparent that all five were developing. Initially, Anderson was to have received $15,000 in payment for serving as a surrogate. However, once she found out that she was having five babies, she realized the financial burden this would place on the new parents, she agreed to forego this fee.

Anderson had appeared on several morning talk shows prior to the birth to talk about her experience. Her Caesarian section was scheduled for next week when she would have been in her 34th week. However, she had been suffering from high blood pressure, the delivery date was pushed up a week.

Anderson's husband, Jerad, told reporters, 'She's happy. She's smiling now.' The couple has two children.

The babies were named Enrique, Jorge, Gabriel, Victor and Javier. Gabriel weighed in at 3 pounds and was the heaviest, while Javier was the lightest at 3 pounds 7 ounces.

Moreno is self-employed as a landscaper and recognizes that this will be a financial struggle. They mortgaged their home to help with expenses and to add bedroom space for the babies. So far, the couple hasn't received a lot of donations, but have set up a savings account for donations.

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