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Russian Scientists Say Earth May Collide With Asteroid in 2035

Mos News | October 20 2006

Scientists from the main observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences say that an asteroid can crash into the Earth in 2035 causing a global disaster, the RIA-Novosti news agency reported on Friday.

“We cannot exclude the possibility that the asteroid which is now orbiting the Sun will collide with the Earth in 2035,” the agency quoted the observatory spokesman Sergei Smirnov as saying. “But it will be only in 2028 that we will be able to determine the danger level,” the scientist added.

According to him, in 2028 the asteroid's orbit will change significantly in 2028, as it approaches the Earth. “If the change is considerable, the possibility cannot be excluded that during the next approach to the Earth in 2035 the asteroid would crash into our planet,” Smirnov said.

The scientist said that such a collision may cause a global catastrophe. The asteroid is about 1000 meters in diameter and all astronomical bodies over 100 meters in diameter are considered dangerous.



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