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S Africa Panic As Super Drug-Resistant TB Kills 74

AfricanCrisis | October 7, 2006
By Jan Lamprecht

When Jeff Rense interviewed me Tuesday, October 3, he inquired about the outbreak of super-deadly TB in S Africa. I immediately mentioned XDR TB. Over here, XDR is what they call this new "Extra Drug Resistant" strain which has broken out...and which is AIDS-related. Jeff mentioned that in the USA, he has only ever found one story about this near certaion death TB. He believes news of it is being suppressed in the US.

Anyhow, over here, we've had a whole spate of such deaths in the last month or two. It started out with 11 deaths in KwaZulu-Natal. Then it spread... They thought they had stopped it from reaching Johannesburg, but since then, they have discovered they were unsuccessful. This TB is related to AIDS. What is panicking everyone is that not only is there no cure for it, but this TB kills people in a shocking 21-25 days.

It appears to me, people who are HIV+ in southern Africa these days are now DYING FASTER - not just from this strain of TB, but from AIDS generally. I've been hearing that from an ex-Zimbabwean friend.

If you thought AIDS was bad... it appears to be getting much worse... These are some eTV News photos from the Tv News story about 74 deaths from XFR TB. -Jan


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