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Agriculture Articles

[11/04/2005] Terminator Technology and Genetic Contamination
» More

[11/04/2005] New York Times Covers the Attempted Corporate Takeover of Organics
They take over the organic market so that they can destroy organic standards » More

[11/03/2005] Organic Food Standard Ruined By Congress
Changes Were Sought by Large-Scale Food Processors to Cut Costs of Meeting Current Law. Congress voted yesterday to weaken the nation\'s organic food standards in response to pressure from large-scale food manufacturers. » More

[11/01/2005] Study: High mortality rats ate GM food
A recent Russian study says 55.6 percent of the offspring of female rats fed genetically engineered soy flour died within three weeks. » More

[10/14/2005] GM Crop \'Ruins Fields For 15 Years\'
GM crops contaminate the countryside for up to 15 years after they have been harvested, startling new government research shows. » More

[10/10/2005] Clone-Generated Milk, Meat May Be Approved
The Food and Drug Administration is expected to rule soon that milk from cloned animals and meat from their offspring are safe to eat, raising the question of whether Americans are ready to welcome one of modern biology\'s most controversial achievements to the dinner table. » More

[10/06/2005] The Corn Next Door
In 2000, public officials in Boulder County, Colo., were faced with calls from organic farmers, environmentalists, and others to ban genetically modified (GM) crops but the commissioners weren\'t comfortable with an outright ban, so they decided to draw up a \"good neighbor\" policy to help organic and GM growers peacefully coexist on the county\'s large stretch of public land. » More