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9/11 theories to be discussed
Organizers of Chandler conference want someone held accountable

Arizona Republic | January 11, 2007
Luci Scott

A national conference focusing on conspiracy theories tied to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is coming to Chandler next month.

"We are taking the information one step further, and we want to raise accountability," said Eric D. Williams, a filmmaker and conference co-chairman.

The event, "9/11 Accountability Strategies & Solutions Conference," will feature 40 speakers and 30 films. It will be Feb. 23-25 at the Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort in Chandler.

"There are two conspiracy theories about 9/11, the government's and the other conspiracy theory," Williams said. "No matter whose theory you believe, no one has been held accountable."

The "other" theory is one that claims government complicity in the attacks.

Speakers include investigative journalist Jim Marrs, author of The Terror Conspiracy ; Steven E. Jones, a retired physics professor at Brigham Young University who contends the World Trade Center collapse was a controlled demolition, and John Feal, president of the FealGood Foundation, a group advocating for first responders suffering health problems.

Other participants include radio host Alex Jones and New York artist Janette MacKinlay, author of the book Fortunate: A Personal Diary of 9/11.

The films, which will be shown continuously in a theater at the conference, include 9/11 Mysteries , Terror Storm and What Really Is the Matrix: World Events. Williams expects discussions to go into current politics.

"We went to war (in Iraq) for the wrong reasons," he said. "Let's try to figure out a way to stop funding an illegal and wrong war. . . . We elect people to watch over us, but when they get there, they're watching out for themselves. We have to focus on accountability."

The conference is sponsored by Phoenix-based 911 Truth of Arizona.


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