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Different Theses Discussed in US About September 11

Cihan News Agency | June 26 2006

Conspiracy theorists seeking to understand “What really happened?” on September 11th, the day the US was shaken by the biggest “terror” attack in its history, gathered in Los Angeles for a conference.

Hundreds of scientists, terrorism experts and celebrities who disqualified officials statements about the September 11 attack, attended the conference. Some of the participants claimed that the incident took place as a result of the ignorance of the authorities, while others claimed that the attack was a part of a US plan to wage a world war.

A famous radio programmer, Alex Jones, told that there were many prominent people among the participants who have stated that September 11 was “an attack organized at home”.

The author of the book, “ 9/11-Synthetic Terror- Made in USA”, Webster Tartpley claimed that September 11 was an example of a state-supported terror prepared by dishonest CIA agents, who want to create a war among civilizations. Tartpley asserted that the Washington administration used terror as a pretext to turn the US into a “police state”.

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911:  The Road to Tyranny