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Firefighters Urge "Peeling Of Giuliani's 9/11 Onion"
Spokesman for largest Firefighters' union speaks out

Infowars.net | March 12, 2007
Steve Watson

The press secretary of the biggest firefighters' union, the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) has today shed more light on the furor surrounding last week's press coverage of Giuliani's snubbing of the firefighters invitation to an upcoming presidential candidate forum.

Alex Jones was joined on air today by IAFF's Jeff Zack, who revealed in no uncertain terms that the image of Giuliani as some sort of a 9/11 hero could not be further from the truth as far as the firefighters of New York are concerned.

Last week the AP reported:

After Giuliani pulled out of a planned appearance at an International Association of Firefighters presidential forum next week, the group released a stinging draft letter indicating that it almost didn't invite him at all because of continuing anger at his "despicable" role in pulling firefighters off the Twin Towers' debris pile in 2001 before all hope of finding their dead comrades' remains was exhausted.

"The disrespect that he exhibited to our 343 fallen FDNY brothers, their families, and our New York leadership in the wake of that tragic day has not been forgiven or forgotten," said the three-page letter, drafted by union leaders in late February and first disclosed on Newsday's Web site Thursday.

A CNN report covers this in more depth here .

Mr Zack explained on the Alex Jones show that the initial decision from those debating the issue from New York City and from the national office was that Rudy Giuliani shouldn't be invited. Zack explained that this was:

"Because of the egregious way he treated our fallen and those attempting to pursue a dignified recovery of the citizens and firefighters that lost their lives that horrific day. In making that decision a discussion ensued about, well, how are we going to communicate to our membership that we're not Inviting Rudy because, you know, he would be the only person that was not invited, every other major candidate was invited from the Republican party and the Democratic party. So we drafted a letter to let people know of exactly the circumstances that were discussed and why Rudy didn't deserve an invitation."

Before there was a final decision another discussion ensued and it was finally decided that Giuliani should be given a platform regardless, so he did get invited, confirmed his appearance last Monday and then two days later changed his mind and canceled. The firefighters' union, feeling somewhat snubbed, decided to release their previous draft letter anyway in order to give more clarity to the situation.

Mr Zack went on to explain exactly why the firefighters hold Giuliani in such low esteem:

"There were a number of issues over which our firefighters had severe disagreements with the mayor prior to September 11th, and then his actions following that horrific day where he made the decision to pull firefighters off the pile from searching for citizens and firefighters that lost their lives, and he went to a full what we call 'scoop and dump', where he was just taking all what he determined was trash, putting it on a barge and sending it to Fresh Kills landfill. Well that what he called trash contained the remains of thousands of citizens, hundreds of firefighters, and we felt that the families of those people deserved some sort of closure and some sort of dignified recovery process because they were innocent victims."

To this day the remains of hundreds of innocent victims of the September 11 attacks are still sickeningly buried in the world's largest rubbish dump , on Staten Island, where it has been decalred by New York officials that they will stay for ever. Officials, citing financial constraints, have refused to make any concessions and wish to leave those victims to rot in the ground with acres of stinking trash.

Giuliani's official reasoning for this was that he was acting in the interest of safety. The IAFF believes this to be totally false, Jeff Zack commented:

"For him to determine that it was unsafe, OK this actually was the most unstable unsafe destruction area in the history of the Untied States. but for Rudy Giuliani to all of a sudden become concerned, six weeks after the initial accident where hundreds and thousands of people had been coming through and working on that pile for weeks and weeks, all of a sudden he became concerned about the safety of people on that pile? That's disingenuous."

Zack then reiterated the real reason behind Giuliani's action:

"The real reason was that the Bank of Nova Scotia's assets were buried in that rubble, the day they got those assets out of that pile, Rudy shut the pile down, said 'everybody off, we're going to full scoop and dump'... It was gold, it was silver, it was other assets, I've seen a lot of numbers too, I don't have an exact one so I don't wanna give it to you... Our firefighters were on the pile helping excavate the gold as well, our problem is that all Rudy cared about at the end of the day was the gold bricks, not the lives and the memories of those that were the true heroes that day."

At the time, in November 2001 , it was reported that $200 million in gold bullion has been recovered from the site. One day later around 50% of firefighters were removed from the job and totally denied access.

Many declared they were being disrespected, that the city was more concerned with gold than people. Others said the city wanted to speed up the removal of debris to save money.

'We're on a mission, and we won't leave until it's done,' insisted fireman Chuck Horack. 'We see the site as sacred ground. Our brothers are still in the debris. No one can ever know how important it is to bring their husband home to a widow.' Mayor Giuliani launched a bizarre and savage attack on the firemen, saying their actions were 'sinful'. 'They have absolutely no monopoly in caring about the people there,' he said.

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Another huge 9/11 scandal that has angered the firefighters and first responders, is that of the criminal culpibility on behalf of government officials who certified the air safe to breathe in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Mr Zack stated:

"That's a whole nother issue, the extreme denial, not only in which the Federal Government was, but the City of New York in cooperation with the Federal Government, about how dangerous it really was to be on that pile, not just working on the unsettled situation but breathing that air full of the toxic particles that we now know it was full of.

There was a whole lot of discussion including the Environmental Protection Administration, which said 'the air there is not a problem', New York City and Rudy Giuliani's administration agreed with that assessment and continued to put forward the idea that it wasn't a problem and that it was OK."

We have previously exposed in great detail how not only did the government know on the day itself that rescuers were being exposed to harmful dust, they also ordered misleading information to be given to the public, they ordered scientific research results on the air to be falsified, they allowed residents to return to their homes in the immediate vicinity knowing the air was corrosive and lethal and, to top it all off, they have since embarked on a collective program to block compensation and funding of health programs because that would be an admission of guilt.

We have also previously exposed how Rudolph Giuliani admitted to Peter Jennings that he got a warning that the South Tower was about to collapse.

Why is this important?

No steel framed building had ever collapsed from fire damage before in history. The event was unprecedented. To know the building was about to collapse would require inside knowledge of 'the 9/11 script' and how it was supposed to unfold on that fateful day.

Remember, right before the building collapsed, firefighters reported minimal fires which they could quickly and easily extinguish.

Why didn't the brave firemen and rescue workers who were rushing into the building get the same warning? Even if the warning was only only communicated minutes before the collapse, countless lives could have been saved.

Consider the amount of people on the lower floors, in the lobby and immediately outside that could have rushed to safety in those few minutes.

In the years after 9/11 Giuliani has made millions in speaker's fees, going around the country, billing himself as "America's Mayor". As Jeff Zack commented:

"Rudy Giuliani has made millions and millions of dollars off of 9/11, and the story he likes to tell about 9/11, and he has used those millions of dollars and those speeches around the country to build up this image that he was a hero that day and in the days following. As far as the firefighters of New York are concerned he is anything but a hero.

You should really be skeptical about someone who calls themselves a hero. Who spends millions and millions of dollars after the fact, building up an image as an American hero when in fact if you go back and look at what really happened that day and what the real heroes of that day really think of Rudy Giuliani, that's the true measure of who Rudy really is.

This Story, Rudy's onion will continue to be peeled and America will learn the true character and who Rudy Giuliani really is."

Giuliani called wanting to search for and give proper burials to fallen heroes 'sinful' while he was ordering them to be scooped up, shipped off and disposed of in a stinking trash heap. He knowingly lied and ordered false information to be released about the toxicity of the air at ground zero. Now this man has the gall to paint himself up as a 9/11 hero and want to use that to become President of the United States.

For an MP3 of this interview click here.



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