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Retired physicist claims 9/11 attack was really controlled demolition
Ex-BYU professor bases theory on examination of dust samples

The Daily Texan | April 17, 2007
Philip Jankowski

Stephen E. Jones, a retired physicist from Brigham Young University, announced his findings Saturday that imply a controlled demolition as the cause of the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11, 2001, instead of the impact from the two airplanes.

His findings were announced during the Project for the New American Citizen's two day event "Rebuilding America's Senses: Exposing False-Flag Terrorism to Prevent a New 9/11."

"We're trying to expose this idea that governments have used false-flag terrorism in order to get their public to go to war," said Matt Dayton, co-founder of the Project for the New American Citizen and radio-television-film junior.


"I'm sure [Stephen Jones] is a talented scientist," said Thomas Kelley, government junior and president of College Republicans at Texas. "But I think he can bend it anyway he wants. As a scientist, he can present facts in any way he chooses."

As the headlining speaker on Saturday, Jones gave a technical presentation that examined dust from the collapse of the towers in an attempt to debunk a report by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which determined molten material photographed flowing out of the World Trade Center towers before their collapse was liquefied aluminum from the airplanes.

The molten material seen from several news and amateur cameras appeared a yellow-orange hue, but Jones said that when aluminum is melted, its color remains silvery. When Jones added several materials present in the towers to the molten aluminum, its color remained silver.

Jones was able to duplicate the color by adding aluminum and iron oxide. With the addition of sulfur, the liquid would become quite volatile.

"It could cut through steel like a hot knife through butter," Jones said.

By examining dust particles obtained from ground zero, Jones was able to compare the compositions of metal particles with those that remain from controlled demolitions.

He claims that the two were nearly identical, resembling thermite, a fire "accelerant" that Jones said is often used for arson.

Jones was one of many speakers during the two-day event at Burdine Hall that culminated in a protest on the Main Mall on Sunday. The audience, some clad in leather jackets with the anarchy symbol spray painted on the back, others wearing shirts proclaiming that "9/11 was an inside job," clapped wildly to the various allegations of war-mongering and calls to action.

"Go to hell, Karl Rove!" the audience shouted after Alex Jones, a radio talk show host who spoke before Stephen E. Jones, echoed what the audience thought of the former Deputy Chief of Staff for the George W. Bush administration.

Alex Jones, whose show "Infowars" has aired on public access television in Austin for several years, is noted for preemptively accusing the government on July 25, 2001, of preparing to launch a terrorist attack on the United States.

"I have to respect the fact that he has the right to say whatever he wants," Kelley said, "But nothing he says is true or is helpful ... . I think most importantly ... it devalues the lives that were lost that day."

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