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9/11 + The Neo-Con Agenda: A Few Thoughts from the Infowars Team

Infowars.com | June 26 2006

LA Conference Revisited

Infowars.com | June 26, 2006
By Kevin Smith

It’s been two days since we returned from the City of Angels, I’m still mentally and physically drained from the whole affair, but my heart is flying. First, I have to thank Andrew Olthius and Gabriel Day for supplying us with a fine group of volunteers- Jane, Jason, Joseph, Lindsay, Travis, Morty, Mike and his wife, and everyone else that helped to lesson our load. You guys and gals were fantastic! Next, I must say the attendees were dynamic and so passionate about this event; it was great to see people meeting for the first time after developing friendships over the internet and phone. We learned the power of these sorts of gatherings after putting on a number of sold-out showings of Alex’s previous films here in Texas. It’s empowering to know that you’re not alone in your beliefs and just plain fun to network with others.

The angry Canadian contingent were great, Alex’s treatment in Ottawa has awoken the people of our giant northern neighbor, the Canadian naval officer and his recent confrontation of a high ranking government official made my heart sing. Many people wanted to know when we’d be back to put on another event? My answer was “you don’t need us to do it! Look around at all these like-minded people, y’all put one on, even bigger and better than this one, all around the country till we win our country back!” This brings us to the presenters, what a group of topnotch experts from so many fields, they covered all the bases, there can be no doubt left in any thinking persons mind as to the guilt of the culprits of 9/11. For me the info highlight of the event was the panel discussion filmed by C-SPAN, I just kept thinking to myself, how can they show this? The house of cards will surely collapse.

We had a meeting to set that panel for maximum effect, we considered not only the members and what they brought to the table, but the speaking order, devised to paint a clear picture with the accompanying facts so that nobody could effectively challenge the case they laid out. Alex, Lt. Col. Bob Bowman, James Fetzer, Stephen Jones, and Webster Tarpley, the crowd acted like it was a rock concert. The panel was on fire and in the establishment’s face, constantly having to urge the crowd to hold applause and standing ovations till the end so they could get as much information out as possible for the C-SPAN audience. Make no mistake; these men well know that they are shining light on some very dangerous and dark people.

They have cast their lot, same as all of us, they know the stakes. Fetzer’s spanking of North and Colmes on FOX Thursday night and Transportation Secretary Mineta’s subsequent resignation the next day, I believe shows the power of speaking truth to power. Like the Texas Ranger quote that Alex often refers to “No man in the wrong can stand up against a man in the right that keeps a comin”.

As for Hollywood, their was more than just Charlie Sheen in attendance, other actors, producers, and screenwriters, all making a decision to use their skills to try to save not only this country but the whole world, they to have cast their lot. They were all great, they watched and listened to every word, fact, and diagram. One thing that I saw only after returning from LA, was when on Monday night Aaron and Ryan started uploading the video. The shot was of the VIP section with Charlie and his friend’s while he was being introduced, he looked almost embarrassed as praise started to be heaped on him, and he as much as said so when he first reached the podium. The thing that struck me were the looks on his friend’s faces during the introduction, they just lit-up, you could literally see the glow, they were so proud of him, their chest puffed up and their jaws stuck out.

This wasn’t like “oh look Charlie’s in Scary Movie 4”, it was something more, much more, and everyone in the room felt it. In the movie V for Vendetta, there is a line that states “ideas are bullet proof” it goes along with “what’s behind the mask is not important”. This is the point, it’s not about Alex, Charlie, or any other individual, it’s about this great experiment called the united States of America, the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, our God given rights and freedoms have long been a stumbling block for those who would enslave the planet.

Looking for Truth in the Los Angeles

Infowars.com | June 26, 2006
By Aaron Dykes

The aptly billed “Two Days of Truth” made for a sobering and often dramatic examination of the events of that fateful day in September 2001—a day made infamous and forcefully pivotal. Deconstructing the myth behind the 9/11 attacks is critical in halting the further spread of war under a false pretense and recapturing our freedoms at home.
The American Scholars Symposium delivered high profile stars, moments of weeping, encounters with science and objective analysis. Charlie Sheen, B.Y.U. physics professor Steven Jones and author Webster Tarpley were as memorable as the diverse and vocal audience. They did what any audience does, but more loudly, and without quieting dissent within the ranks.
While this gathering had few who didn’t question the government’s official account of what happened on 9/11, there was perhaps a considerable division in how to take action. Members of the audience brought forward proposals, petitions as well as those running for political office on the premise of opening an independent investigation of 9/11.
The most memorable of those candidates was retired Lt. Col. Bob Bowman, the former head of the missile defense program known as “Star Wars.”  He left his position many years ago, criticizing the program as the “ultimate military lunacy, easily overwhelmed and vulnerable.” He clarified this position during his keynote speech, the last scheduled speech of the conference, positing that the program was really only good as an “offensive” weapon—insinuating that the use of the program was good only for a government looking to strike first.
Bowman, who is running for Congress from his district in Florida, insists that “the truth about 9/11 is that we don’t know the truth about 9/11.” He intends to call for the impeachment of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others on the grounds of treason in the events of September 11.
The crowd encouraged this platform, but divided over many of the other positions Bowman held, such as advocacy of a national health care system. This point, along with others, roused the crowd, triggering a lengthy session of questions and answers, where many in the crowd professed inspiration from his politics and others picked apart what they apparently considered to be socialist tendencies.
Austin-based syndicated radio-host and documentary maker Alex Jones, who presented the “9/11 + The Neo-Con Agenda” Symposium reclaimed the podium to close out the conference. He found himself still contending with an agitated audience—still furiously debating a wide-range of political positions. Jones spatted with the audience, unafraid to disagree nor defend his position.
What was intended to be a brief, formal closing of the event became an organic and impromptu speech that pulled the crowd from the depths of inner-division into a state of unity. “There is too much in-fighting,” he pointed out, calling for a focus away from our differences and on the importance of reinstating the torn nation.
For Jones, it is an intensely personal fight for the weak against those who bring tyranny. He recounted the story of a World War II veteran whose home was being taken by the government. Jones came to tears in relaying his fight to save the 80-year old man’s home, which failed. The fight continued, though, when Jones rallied together resources and people to build the man a new home—which also met with resistance.
It is for those who can no longer fight for themselves, Jones put forward, that he continues to fight. His tears transformed into a strange calm, and a determined composure against those who “will do anything to get power.”
It is the wolves that Jones is fighting against—in spite of their strength and even at the price of death. “And make no mistake,” Jones said in a chilling moment, “I know they are going to kill me; I’ve looked at it, I know. Because I know we are going to have success and we’re going to force their hand. But its worth it for the weak—they need us.”
He brought the crowd to their feet—an audience, an army for a true cause. Not only a fight to expose the real murderers of September 11, but also a fight against the violent domination of the elite who prey upon ordinary people and seek to exploit them at every level.
Alex Jones was not the only warrior at the event, but rather a critical peak of a continuing wave in grasping the truth. Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas presented additional interviews and video evidence they will use in forming the final edition of their explosive and widespread documentary Loose Change, which has taken over the internet and exposed millions to the inconsistencies and inherit crimes that took place on 9/11.
Rick Siegel presented his personal account of that day in his film 9-11 Eyewitness. Audiences also got an exciting preview of the upcoming Warner Independent film A Scanner Darkly, which focuses on the frightening near future of a police state, driven by total surveillance and a phony drug war that perpetuates addiction and increases criminality.
The activist audience also examined the history of government-sponsored terror, putting September 11th in grim focus during the debut of Alex Jones’ Terror Storm, which also featured interviews with some of the event speakers, including Professor Steven Jones.
Steven Jones has pursued scientific evidence that the twin towers were brought down by controlled demolition. It is a case that lies in the fact that the planes could not have melted the fireproofed steel. The buildings of the World Trade Center came down in a fashion that mirrors almost exactly classic demolition, especially in regards to the collapse of Building 7, which was not hit by a plane.
Professor Jones does not stop there, however, his most important piece of evidence comes from samples of the molten steel from the twin towers. He works from a hypothesis that the bright yellow explosions and molten metal seen in video footage of the attacks on the WTC appear to be that of Thermite, which is widely used in controlled demolition.
Testing reveals the heavy presence of the critical elements in Thermite. There is, most significantly, a strong showing of sulfur, the key additive in the patented Thermate, used to cut rapidly through steel beams in controlled demolition.
Steven Jones is a prominent member of the 9/11 Scholars for Truth, which was founded by Professor Jim Fetzer, who also spoke at the conference. Fetzer is perhaps the most ferocious in attacking the official account of September 11. He spoke one day after his appearance on Fox News, where he took on Alan Colmes and guest host Oliver North.
In typical Fox fashion, the show attacked him for “teaching a course on conspiracy theories” rather than addressing the problems Fetzer finds with the official story. The irony comes in the fact that no such course is offered in conspiracy theories. When Fetzer corrected this error and began analyzing 9/11, the hosts ended the interview as quickly as possible.
The audience of nearly 1200 people also heard from William Rodriguez, hero and survivor of 9/11. His story of bravery in rescuing people from the tower with his master key focused on the friends he lost, and brought him to tears. He personally heard explosions going off in the basement as he rushed to unlock doors and let people out of the building.
Later, he grew angry at the administration and the creators of the official story, who suppressed and ignored his testimony regarding lower-level bombs. It is worth pointing out that he is likely qualified to identify a bomb, as was also in the building during the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
The only thing missing at the event was a countenance on the part of the official story—someone to consider the evidence and answer the questions that have been thus far ignored and denied by the government.
9/11 Commission Chair Thomas Kean denied seeing any evidence regarding WTC Building 7 and has presented no evidence regarding its collapse. No one has answered the charge that the building had no reason to come down but that of deliberate demolition that implies directly an “inside job.”
Evidence that will not be countered or faced by the administration that the attacks of September 11 were phony, atrocious crimes meant to stun the nation and yield itself to a blanket war against a foggy enemy of the state.
But those who see through that official account have culminated into a critical mass. They have gathered to hold that government accountable and to face the truth. In the words of Charlie Sheen, who began publicly questioning 9/11 in March of this year, “We are here today to affect a change…to ask those still sleeping to wake up and join us.” “We are here today,” Sheen says, “to fuel the deconstruction of the official myth…because fear is never a good enough reason to do nothing.”
Those who gathered at the American Scholars Symposium in downtown Los Angeles were charged and ready to confront the deception that has gone on for too long at the hands of those manipulating our nation and peoples, the selfless military personnel and the world they affect through dangerous and unjust global policy.
Sheen, and so many others courageous enough to begin that confrontation, knew exactly what was at stake.
“We are here today to begin draining the cesspool of lies and distortion we refuse to drown in any longer. We are here today to unleash a juggernaut of truth. We are also here today to honor the victims and the families of 9/11. We are here today for our children…as well as their children.”

A Few Words on the American Scholars Symposium

Infowars.com | June 27, 2006
By Mike Nelson

Being fairly new to the Alex Jones staff, I really enjoyed the conference and I was glad to be a part of it. The speakers were very informative and I have learned a great deal more of how it all ties together. I have known for quite sometime, before joining Alex Jones, that 9/11 was an Inside Job. I come from the public safety field and had always seen information that did not look right, for what the situation was at the time. There are obvious points that lead to a cover-up and I am hoping that this conference was the right boost for this information to get out there to more people, to awaken them to where this country is headed. I have seen internal corruption in governmental agencies first hand and it goes against my beliefs and my ethics and that is partially why I left the field I was in. I know there are more people out there that see this and have the same beliefs. But, if it is happening at the smaller governmental level, then it is even bigger at the larger level.

This symposium was very well attended and had the most highly respected speakers in the 9/11 arena. I have seen many media articles about the symposium and it is now out there mainstream for the public to see for themselves. For the people that have yet to even think about the possibility that this is true, I hope you will wake up to it and see the facts that are right there in front of you. The addition of having Charlie Sheen’s support and attendance for this symposium was absolutely awesome. For an actor with as much respect and popularity, to stand behind his beliefs and be heard by all, takes great courage and will help in the visibility of the truth behind what happened on 9/11. He and any other person with popularity should be commended for standing up with what they strongly believe in. This is the 1 st 9/11 conference I had attended, but I had read about others. I feel this one was by far, was the best at reaching the public. Along with Mr. Sheen, Alex Jones is a person that also needs to be commended for his dedication and passion about his beliefs in getting the hidden facts out to the public. Without him organizing this symposium and having the drive to make this happen, this information would not be where it is today. He has provided many people world wide with the knowledge of the events of government, for the people to see for themselves the facts that are there. By providing this venue, his radio shows and TV shows he is truly doing what he is passionate about in his beliefs to assist the public in finding out the cold hard facts of deceit in government.

Thank you for allowing me to attend and be a part of this symposium.





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