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Domesticating the Slaves

Alex Jones | July 27, 2005

A few people die in London and 230 years of freedom disappears into the
fires of a high-tech police state here in the United States. Remember, we
have less border patrol now than we did on 9/11. The Federal government has been training the states and local governments and setting up checkpoints of highways, trains, bus stations, you name it.

None of this keeps you safe. This is a mass mind control operation designed
to train you to line up, present your papers, and keep your mouth shut. In
Nazi Germany, they didn't put you in handcuffs while you were being searched,
but they do in America now.

Mayor apologizes for bus brouhaha

News Day | July 26, 2005

Even as Mayor Michael Bloomberg was apologizing Monday to five British tourists handcuffed after being mistaken for terrorists, the police were responding to yet another scare, snarling Downtown Brooklyn for what turned out to be sandwiches in a lunch box.

By the time the latest scare was over at 11 a.m., scores of jittery New Yorkers evacuated from their buildings on and around Court Street thought there had been an explosion.

Police said the boom -- not nearly as loud as an actual bomb -- was created by a disrupter, the high-powered water gun used by the NYPD to disable an explosive.

"I heard a bang," said Juanita Bowers, 49, who works in a foster care agency at 205 Montague St. in front of which the lunch box was found shortly after 9 a.m. "I didn't know what it was."

Officers directed pedestrians -- many headed to the office buildings and courthouses in the area -- as far away as Adams Street. When the Bomb Squad identified the lunch box jittery onlookers were allowed to return to work.

Police said they believe the lunch box, which had more than one sandwich in it, was the result of someone mistakenly walking off without his midday meal. Still, police sources said, investigators were trying to figure out who left it near a fire hydrant.

Bloomberg, meanwhile, lashed out at the Gray Line bus employee who called in a terror tip that sent about 100 officers -- many of them toting machine guns -- swarming into Times Square Sunday morning. The officers surrounded and evacuated the bus as passengers held their hands above their heads.

Five men with Middle Eastern or South Asian backgrounds -- ages 22 to 40 -- were handcuffed and questioned before being released.

"I would urge everybody, while we keep saying call the professionals ... you also have to exercise some common sense," Bloomberg said. "It turned out these people did not represent any threat whatsoever.

"It's a shame and I certainly apologize on behalf of the city."

Gray Line officials did not respond to requests for comment yesterday.

Shortly after the bus scare, Raoul Claudio sparked the evacuation of Penn Station when he threw his suitcase at a ticket agent, claiming it contained a bomb, police said.

Claudio, 43, was charged with making a terrorist threat and falsely reporting an incident, was angered after being told he could not buy an Amtrak ticket because he had no identification on him. He was being held late yesterday on $15,000 bail.

The NYPD meanwhile unveiled Operation Shield, a collaboration with the business community intended to better safeguard against a terror attack.

"This is a sort of natural evolution," Police commissioner Ray Kelly said yesterday. "This is not something prompted by London. But it is something that comes out of the desire to have a closer working relationship with the business community."

Those involved in the initiative will be provided a list of best practices and the NYPD will assess their security practices. Representatives from 600 businesses will meet today with police brass to discuss the program.

Security - Liberty = Tyranny


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