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New Victim's Family Supports Search For 9/11 Truth
Parents of United Airlines 175 flight attendant Alicia Titus on quest to find out what really happened on September 11

Prison Planet | April 11, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

A new 9/11 victim's family have gone public on their doubts about the official story and have firmly placed their support behind the efforts of the 9/11 Truth Movement to search for the truth of what really happened on September 11, belying a common slur on behalf of the establishment press that questioning the government's version of the attacks is somehow insulting to the victims.

The family concerned are John and Bev Titus, parents of Alicia Titus, who was a flight attendant on United Flight 175, the plane that crashed into the WTC south tower on September 11, 2001. John and Bev have since devoted their time to activism and have set up a fund for their daughter called The Alicia Titus Memorial , the proceeds from which go to supporting the peace movement.

They were in attendance at a presentation given by 9/11 hero and truth crusader William Rodriquez at Michigan State University and Rodriquez had a chance to speak with them after the event.

Asked if they supported Rodriguez's efforts to bring out the truth behind 9/11, John and Bev replied, "absolutely," "It will be our lifelong quest to find the truth about September 11 and the real story behind it because we know that what we've been given is only a glimpse of it and distortions of it and my daughter deserves better than that."


"There's still no answers to so many questions that we have that have not been given the truth, and we're going to continue to search and support people that are out there asking the same kinds of questions and demanding the truth," said Bev Titus.

"We want to thank Mr. Rodriguez for everything he's doing to bring out the truth because it's very important to us," concluded John Titus.

9/11 hero William Rodriguez.

Click here for an audio of this exchange as well as William Rodriguez discussing the issue on The Alex Jones Show.

The establishment and Neo-Con press routinely invoke the names of the victims to accuse anyone who questions the government's version of 9/11 as crass and insensitive.

In reality, the most outrageous misconduct and deliberate abuse visited upon victims, ground zero heroes and family members post-September 11, was unleashed not by 9/11 truthers, but by the government itself , including the deliberate EPA cover-up that told rescue workers and firemen that the toxic ground zero air was safe to breathe and the new scandal involving the desecration of the remains of 9/11 victims in using their bones to repair roads and fill potholes.

Many of the 9/11-related court proceedings against the government and the educational efforts that tie in with them, were organized directly by 9/11 victim groups. Bill Doyle, the head of the largest 9/11 families organization, states that around half of his members have serious questions about the attacks. Doyle himself lost his own son in the collapse of the twin towers and says the 9/11 Commission Report is "a total fallacy."

Bev and John Titus should be commended for seeking the truth about why they lost their daughter and their words held up as an example of how asking questions about 9/11 is not hurtful or insulting to the victims and is in fact a genuine effort to bring justice to those that were responsible for their deaths.

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