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Was Bush Speech Scheduled To Pre-empt The View ?
ABC show set to feature 9/11 truth heavyweights cancelled in favor of Bush's Al-Qaeda obsessed press conference

Prison Planet | May 25, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

Did master political strategist Karl Rove schedule and script George Bush's speech in the Rose Garden yesterday to pre-empt the possible appearance of 9/11 truth movement heavyweights on ABC's The View ?

That's the suspicion many people outlined to us in e mails and calls yesterday.

Though we learned privately that guest appearances by William Rodriguez and the Loose Change crew on the show hosted by Rosie O'Donnell were cancelled at the start of the week, the ABC website still listed their names as being scheduled.

Presidential news conferences that take place in the daytime and do not relate to any kind of breaking news or national event do not cut into regular programming on major non-news channels, and yet ABC chose to air the speech in its entirety after The View was cancelled for that day.

Many 9/11 truthers now suspect that this was a Rovian ploy to distract attention or in effect completely displace the subject matter raised by Rodriguez and Loose Change that was set to be aired on The View .

In his speech, Bush re-hashed dated and questionable "intelligence" about Al-Qaeda and entered into a sophomoric rant about how the terrorists want to kill our children, invoking the phantom group no less than 19 times.

"Just about everything else that came up during the hour-long news conference was traced to bin Laden's terrorist network," writes Dana Milbank today in the Washington Post.

"They are a threat to your children, David," he advised NBC's David Gregory."

"It's a danger to your children, Jim," Bush informed the New York Times' Jim Rutenberg."

"This last warning was perplexing, because Rutenberg has no children, only a brown chow chow named Little Bear. It was unclear whether Bush was referring to a specific and credible threat to Little Bear or merely indicating there was increased "chatter in the system" about chow chows in general."

Was Bush's relentless propaganda pitch about Al-Qaeda scripted to coincide with the slated appearance of 9/11 truthers on The View , a show that enjoys 30 million viewers over the course of its air time? Was this a Rovian scheme to neutralize 9/11 truth?

In between his 10th and 11th mention of "Al-Qaeda", a sparrow stepped up to the plate to challenge Bush on his crap and put the cowardly Washington press corps to shame by pooping on his shoulder.

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